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Breakdance Omega 2

By Dark-Ax
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What's this? New stuff? I'm afraid I cannot do that, Dave.

I recently stumbled upon that ol' piece of trash while cleaning my gallery, and decided that our fearsome Omega could have a little better treatment.
Moreover, I was dying to draw again... and boy I had almost forgotten how to draw a line using MSPaint.

Well... nothing much to say : it was a case of "let's make this shit happen". I didn't care much for the palette, but looks like I managed to go with about 15 colours.

So here we are, a little more than 4 years after the first version, here a new version of the God of Destruction having a nice time. Enjoy!

PS : a big thanks to :iconcaptain-x: , who helped me a lot for the lighting :)
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Tortwag's avatar
Dang, Omega's right. Only a Messiah would be able to do such things. WOW.
Zero9930's avatar
Omega:lets see you do this "zero"
Zero:show-off -_-
roniereid2002's avatar
Ciel: *smoking weed*
REPLOIDZ's avatar
WOOT WOOT na break it down omega na from the ware to da wa to the messia nari!!!!!OUTSTANDING job on this
Chargal4's avatar
Yeah! Show your moves! It's like Weil makes him do this for his entertainment.
Shanna-The-Hedgehog's avatar
So nice to see an updated version of this. :3
A-Ratia's avatar
You sure love breakdancing, Omega!
TyrantChimera's avatar
He looks like he's saying, "What the heck are you lookin' at?"

I love it! Whoo!
Thanatos-Zero's avatar
Bravo! Bravo! :onfire:

You can still do it my friend. You aren't that shabby as you claim.
Ziffman's avatar
Only Zero's original body can pull off such moves! XD Anyways, good work!
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