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Black Mesa Band

By Dark-Ax
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Ever wondered who accompanied the celestial voice of GLaDOS in Still Alive?
Now you know…

That was a joke. HA HA. Fat chances.

PS1: yes, Alyx is way too small…
PS2: no, given the time I’ve spend to do this, I don’t really care…
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I hear they just released their latest single, 'Sometimes I dream about Cheese'.
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i find it hilarious that gordon is on bass
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Oh man, I had just clicked on this when the John Freeman song came on my mp3 rotation- even your avatar was in time with it. I spit my tea out laughing.
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we need barney on cowbell :D

or gman on harmonica c:
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Your A Very Good Pixaler!
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You should have had Lamar on Kleiners head...
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cool!!!!!!!!! i love it!!!!!
wich song are they singing?
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Awsome, now all we need is Barney headbanging.
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what about barney?
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That was very awesome. Nice animation.
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Oh god reminds meof the rock band verison of them!!!
kliner is on drumms!! but alyx sings!!

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What about the Gman at the piano.....
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Now we need same, but with transparent background please. ^_^
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awsome! hahaha i wanna join the band lol
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if you cut it in half you could prolly use it as an ava on DA
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Alyx vance wasen on black masa was she?

otherwise really nice
the Gman tells us in EP1, during the healing ritual, that he saved her from Black mesa...
So it makes sence...

else, is gordon playing the bass or the guitar? and where is barney & eli?
you is gonna need a vocalist, a keyboardplayer, and a drummer that can actualy use the kick...
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Yes please!
I'd have them playing at my house.
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