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:bulletred: Who We Are

We are an interactive cyber home for extreme and dark artists representing all art mediums. We encourage thought provoking visuals that could include but are not limited to: dark themes, horror, gore, death, bondage, blood, pain, conceptual surrealism and controversial content. Your mental mayhem is our passion!! We see art in any form, as therapy... and if you meet our criteria, you're invited to join us in the asylum.

:bulletred: Who We're Not

We are not your typical dark arts club. We are the active caretakers of the artistically insane. We are looking for passion and originality. We want quality, not quantity. Don't send us everything in your gallery and please don't send us everything you submit to all other dark art club galleries. Our focus is the integrity and intensity of the imagery in this club, and we want the best of your best.

Gallery Folders

Dark Day Dream_09 by caddman
Yesterday Dream_11 by caddman

Mature Content

'PRIDE' by affliction666

Mature Content

Insanitarium.... One by Battledress
2011 Submissions
Candy Crystal Skull 1 by JasonMcKittrick
Pray For My Soul (2011) by Neokiriya

Mature Content

Designer Costuming by Anathema-Photography
show me your teeth. by wonderbandalice
2010 Submissions
Cables Remix by Noss91
plague doctor +REDEMPTION+ by Opaca

Mature Content

Azoth by Tillinghast23
Patient Rooms
Ward A Room 152 by N0WorN3V3R
_amathophobia pococurantism. by ixiq
darcroven - 2011 by black-art
Doctors Cell - Cell 1338 by sophos9
Registered Visitors' Outpatient Gallery
Allegra by Escama
Dark Night to be Wondering by randomly-insane-com
Heath Ledger Joker by horrorshow-artwork
Joker and Harley Quinn by horrorshow-artwork
Asylum Specialties
Staff Weekly "Hall of Fame" Winners
Bipolar by amadeus-love
a darker reality by Corpse-boy
SCHIZOPHRENIA by CountessBloody
Asylum Contests
necRomantism by FlexDreams
Submissions Archive
Virus by RockstarVanity by Dark-Arts-Asylum
Asylum Tutorials

Group Closed

:ambulance: RIP Dark-Arts-Asylum :ambulance:

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RavenHeart1984 Featured By Owner May 1, 2021  Professional Traditional Artist
can i join
shoo Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2021
Last I knew, DAA was officially closed in 2011.
RavenHeart1984 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2021  Professional Traditional Artist
oh sorry
KronosEnvy Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Want to share my dark art ^^
Vampire by KronosEnvy    Day 12 -  Slippery by KronosEnvy  
Baneeka Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2021
I wish I was a better artist.Most of my stuff is just garbage.But for some reason, I am drawn to this dark art stuff. Don`t know why.    
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