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999 Bracelet-Watch Tutorial

EDIT: Found a vector of the bracelet pattern! [link]

See below for important sizing info.

I made this tutorial for my "Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors" bracelet/watch I posted a few days ago. Here: [link]

"Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors," or, as it's more commonly called, "999," is a visual novel/psychological thriller/puzzle game from Chunsoft and Aksys games. It's about a college kid named Junpei who finds himself trapped with 8 others aboard a sinking ship and is told he must play a game (involving the bracelets) in order to escape alive.

The file is huge, BTW, and has quite a few of my little notes scrawled in a corner, so you may want to download it.

If you use this tutorial, I'd appreciate it if you would link back here with any pics you might post of it. (I'd also love to see your versions, so if you'd be so kind as to post a link here, that would be amazing!)

Sizing info:
This tutorial is made with a 6 in. (15.2 cm) wrist in mind. If your wrist is smaller, see below. I've included things that you can do to make the bracelet/watch fit a persons who's wrist is up to 7 in. (17.8 cm) in the tutorial itself, such as making the cords longer, etc. But if your wrist diameter is larger than that, you may want to make the following change to the protocol:

Instead of making the C pieces 1 in. by 1/2 in. (2.5 cm by 1.3 cm), make them the same as the B pieces instead. That is, 1x1 in. (2.5x2.5 cm). This will increase the length of the watch by a whole inch. Obviously, instead of making a 2x3 in. (5.1x7.6 cm) rectangle from which to cut your 4 B and 4 C pieces, make a 2x4 in. (5.1x10.2 cm) rectangle and cut 8 B pieces from there.

If your wrist is smaller than 6 in., use the tutorial as it's written, and when you're done, add a layer of craft foam to the underside of any or all of the pieces to make it fit.
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Thank you so much! I just got into the series and really want to cosplay Clover for next year and from what I've seen I would have to start from scratch on her, so this will be a big help!
SnakeIsBae's avatar
Thank you! I am trying to get a decent Santa watch, (from 999) and this will help!
bobman66's avatar
Would it possible for me to commission you to makes one of these for me since I'm less than artistically inclined?
dark--typhoon's avatar
Unfortunately I'm not taking commissions for props right now, sorry. :(
XxWakingDreamxX's avatar
Amazing!! Thanks for this! I'm going to be cosplaying clover soon, this will be super helpful!
dark--typhoon's avatar
Glad I could help! 
ReplikuNami's avatar
I love this tutorial! I'm making a breacelet for my friend who told me about 999 and has her birthday soon. I have a bit of difficulties in how to attach the ends could you simply upload a picture where you can see how you closed it? Love  I'd really appreciate this :happybounce:  (I'll upload a picture of my bracelet once it's done Giggle ) 
dark--typhoon's avatar
I'm actually away from home, so I can't take a pic of my bracelet, but I can do my best to explain how I did mine. I took one of these nifty hook and eye closures and wedged/glued them in between the cardboard layers of the two ends. Once the glue has set, you can warp the bracelet around your wrist and insert the hook through the eye to fasten it.

If you can't find a hook and eye closure, you can bend a paperclip into the same shapes and use that instead. Hope that helped!
ReplikuNami's avatar
aaaaah I think I can imagine how it should look like. I hope it'll work I don't want to ruin the bracelet in the very end Sweating a little...  I couldn't glue anything at all by now because I need new glue but I'll try it out tomorrow! I am a dummy!  Thank you! Hug 
ReplikuNami's avatar
weeeeeee I somehow managed to close it I am a dummy!  (even though it looks like a car accident but hey it's on thi inside Sweating a little... ) heeeeereee:…
Quick question: Where did you get the 4mm board that you are using?  I am trying to gather materials but I don't know where to start.  Paperboard is just bringing up posterboard like for kids school projects.
dark--typhoon's avatar
Hi there. Sorry for the late reply. The board I'm using is the really thick stuff you get if you tear apart the plastic on the cover of a 3-ring binder. I don't know if you can get that stuff commercially, but tearing apart binders has always worked for me.
Okay thanks so much!  I think I actually found some at my University's art department store.  Thanks for the response though!  
Aurapunch's avatar
Made one here

Thanks SO much for the tutorial!
dark--typhoon's avatar
It looks great! I'm glad the tutorial worked.
Aurapunch's avatar
Thanks! Of course it worked! Took me forever to make, and all XD But, thanks again!
Biscake's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial! I must make one for myself, haha~ <3
ZachriDaSamri's avatar
I'm going to make one for myself. or at least try. I'm going to look at plastic to help make it more durable. and add the guts of a real digital watch!
dark--typhoon's avatar
Wow, that sounds amazing! Good luck, and if/when you finish it, could you post it here so I can see?
ZachriDaSamri's avatar
yep. I got some stuff. so I'll be able to start when I have a day off.
Yinsho's avatar
I couldn't help but see your comments here about making a 999 bracelet with real watch parts.
How has that come along? I'm curious to see it, if it worked out.
ZachriDaSamri's avatar
ahh you make me feel bad. I was hoping I would finish before someone asked XD

lol truth be told I have not touched it. a lot has been going on this year. (I mean more stuff in this 5 months than the last 3 years put together) but I have worked on some blue prints.

I decided to actually edit the watch in computer program. I'm then going to send it to a 3d printing company I found. this way the watch will look real and I can eliminate my crappy crafting skills. (I'm real bad with models you have to glue lol) after I get the parts I'm going to strip the wire from an old phone charger and use that as the brace and what not. then like I said gut a real watch and shove it in.

I have the parts mostly designed in my modeler program. I'm just waiting for a pay day in which I don't give 90% of it to school and what not. my work bonus should be coming up.
Yinsho's avatar
Oh wow, that sounds pretty cool. :0
What's the 3d printing company you found, and how much are they going to charge you for that?
ZachriDaSamri's avatar
thank you so much man! I'm going to make this and try to insert the guts of a real digital watch!
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