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999 Bracelet-Watch Tutorial

EDIT: Found a vector of the bracelet pattern! [link]

See below for important sizing info.

I made this tutorial for my "Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors" bracelet/watch I posted a few days ago. Here: [link]

"Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors," or, as it's more commonly called, "999," is a visual novel/psychological thriller/puzzle game from Chunsoft and Aksys games. It's about a college kid named Junpei who finds himself trapped with 8 others aboard a sinking ship and is told he must play a game (involving the bracelets) in order to escape alive.

The file is huge, BTW, and has quite a few of my little notes scrawled in a corner, so you may want to download it.

If you use this tutorial, I'd appreciate it if you would link back here with any pics you might post of it. (I'd also love to see your versions, so if you'd be so kind as to post a link here, that would be amazing!)

Sizing info:
This tutorial is made with a 6 in. (15.2 cm) wrist in mind. If your wrist is smaller, see below. I've included things that you can do to make the bracelet/watch fit a persons who's wrist is up to 7 in. (17.8 cm) in the tutorial itself, such as making the cords longer, etc. But if your wrist diameter is larger than that, you may want to make the following change to the protocol:

Instead of making the C pieces 1 in. by 1/2 in. (2.5 cm by 1.3 cm), make them the same as the B pieces instead. That is, 1x1 in. (2.5x2.5 cm). This will increase the length of the watch by a whole inch. Obviously, instead of making a 2x3 in. (5.1x7.6 cm) rectangle from which to cut your 4 B and 4 C pieces, make a 2x4 in. (5.1x10.2 cm) rectangle and cut 8 B pieces from there.

If your wrist is smaller than 6 in., use the tutorial as it's written, and when you're done, add a layer of craft foam to the underside of any or all of the pieces to make it fit.
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Thank you so much! I just got into the series and really want to cosplay Clover for next year and from what I've seen I would have to start from scratch on her, so this will be a big help!