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Warm Farewell.
Farewell, my dearest friend.
Our time travelling together has come to an end.
Do not feel shame for the tears that come down streaming.
Lets leave with our heads high and smiles bright and beaming.
If faith wills our paths cross anew.  
Then lets journey again, just us two.
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 11 1
Falling Cinders -Poem/Bard Song
Falling Cinders
Cinders dripping down.
Grasped by the dark.
Only leaving an ashen mark.
Taken by a moment of doubt.
Entrapped in her mind.
Left to be screaming it out.
No where to go but being bound.
From her own she did shout.
Cinders raining down.
Lands set to blaze.
Lost in the sin of her ways.
Twilight set in on her days.
Slowly she had to cringe.
Her mind turned into a maze.
Forced to watch the crimes.
Hurting people in many ways.
Cinders pelting down.
The storm rages forth.
Thinking of what she is worth.
Tearing inside at her cage
Waiting for a moment.
To take back the stage.
No puppet to be played.
An inner war she had to wage.
Cinders dwindling down.
Stillness making its way.
The world more filled with grey
The voices did slowly cease.
Surprised at the turn.
Taking her time to find peace.
Freedom was in grasp.
No longer held on a leash.
Cinders no longer coming down.
Redemption set in sight.
The coming dawn was so bright..
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 5 0
Indivar Shesha - RWBY OC
Name: Indivar Shesha (Meaning: Blue Lotus, King of Serpents.)
Colour: Azure
Theme: Asia, Asia-Oceania, India and the Azure Dragon of The East.
Theme Songs: 
Normal Theme: to be added
Clandestine/Battle Theme: to be added
General Background:
Indivar is the calm and more closed type of TEAM BEIJ, as his Faunus blood did not serve him well during the times of troubled childhood and at times the blatant racism he faced. This forced him be more cautious and distrusting of humans, but also other Faunus, as he was of the rare "reptilian" breed. This all added to him becoming an outcast at the edges of Vacuo, stealing food, supplies and other items that could provide for his own survival. His talents were however noticed by a group of Huntsman on a mission in the area who camped for the night and caught him red handed trying to steal their supplies, yet still impressed at his ability to sneak so close unnot
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 3 0
When things die.
When roots die, the sky is empty.
When hearts die, the earth feels hollow.
When lights die, the void seems endless.
When laughs die, the sounds are shallow.
Yet when all off these die at once, there is nothing at all.
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 4 1
Old friends
When loss comes knocking at your door, do not dread nor cast your eyes at the floor.
Heave your head high and bold, and step forward with a smile of gold.
For do not pity those you lost on the way, for forever in your heart they stay.
Walk my friend and do not dread, smile and never forget.
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 3 1
Bleach OC Ref Aoyama Kumiko
Bleach OC Ref Aoyama Kumiko
Basic information:
First Name:  Kumiko
Last Name: Aoyama
Nickname:  "The Huntress"
Age:  Appears to be 28-30.  (+400 years old)
Birthday:  17th May
Gender:  Female
Species: Visored
Sexual Preference: Bi.
Nationality: European
Birthplace: Unknown.
Hobbies:  Hunting, outdoor sports, hiking, playing on her lute.
Likes:  Nature, myths, meditation.
Dislikes:  Those who disturb balance, those who pick on the weak.
Favorite Place: The wilds.
Bad Habit:  Drinking a lot from time to time.
Psychological evaluation:   Stable.
Family:  Considers Kawato Daru as her son.
Friends: Akahana Tsukiyo and Ishimaru Haruko
Physical Description:
Hair: Dark red.
Eyes: Green.
Skin:  Tanned.
Height: 189.5 cm.
Body:  Slightly muscular,  curvy
Identifying Marks: None.
Clothing:  Sleeveless S
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 16 17
Bleach OC Ref Akahana Tsukiyo
Bleach OC Ref Akahana Tsukiyo
Basic information:
First Name:  Tsukiyo
Last Name: Akahana
Nickname:  "Red Knight"
Age:  Appears to be 18-20
Birthday:  21th June
Gender:  Female
Species: Visored
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Nationality: Half British/Half Japanese
Birthplace: Unknown.
Hobbies:  Hanging around with friends, painting landscapes, being lazy from time to time.
Likes: Flowers, being spontaneity, surprises, nature
Dislikes:  To serious people, liars or people who are dishonest about themselves, those who threaten others.
Favorite Place: Forests filled with the smells and sights of summer.
Bad Habit:  Blabbermouth, acts before thinking, sometimes impulsive.
Psychological evaluation:   Stable with now and then a random fit.
Family: Dead.
Friends: Kawato Daru and Ishimaru Haruko
Physical Description:
Hair: Black with purple highli
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 10 278
The Dark Queen standing proud.
The Dark Queen standing proud.
Wearing a cloak to be hidden in the crowd.
In midnight black she wanders by.
Is she hiding or merely shy?
Trying to hide her true being.
Of what darkness is she fleeing?
Her feet carry her on relenting.
As words from her mouth are lamenting.
Yet beyond all this endless despair.
Still she has this glow so fair.
Blinded for her own strength.
Even forgetting help is at arm's length.
Others will still hold her dear.
She is not alone and has nothing to fear.
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 4 3
Witch Hunt Prophecy
Witch Hunt Prophecy
On golden fields of old.
Stands a lone figure so bold.
She will bring forth nightfall.
Darkness answering the call.
All will shiver and shake.
For chaos may follow in her wake.
The golden fields turning black.
Coming down as a hungry wolf pack.
Devouring the ancient lights.
Stripping man of its rights.
The gods will not descend.
Lands being left not mend.
Power flowing freely now.
Without the bound or vow.
Only one thing will bring safe-haven.
That will be the Banner of the White Raven.
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 2 0
Bleach OC Ref Kawato Daru
Basic information:
First Name: Daru.
Last Name: Kawato.
Nickname: "Ice"
Age: Appears to be around 20.( Real age unknown)
Birthday: 1th November
Gender: Male.
Species: Visored.
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual.
Nationality: Europa.
Birthplace: Unknown.
Hobbies:  Reading books, stargazing, wandering around at night.
Likes: The heat of battle, cold weather, to not be bothered to much.
Dislikes:  Anybody who claims they -hate- their family for petty reasons, people who preach about duty and morals, being the center of attention, losing.
Favorite Place: Alone under a night sky, or someplace he can train in silence.
Bad Habit: Treating those who try to really help him with a cold attitude. A sore loser.
Psychological evaluation:   Stable most of the time, only unstable when angered to a certain degree.
Family: Murdered by hollow and Arrancar.
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 9 58
My words mean little to the great masses since I am not a known person. I just am a average Joe in a sea of many like-minded, and even more different-minded.
I am not the only one too cherish dreams that my thoughts and action have a meaning. That my what I am is something for another or all.
But in this big sea full of closed doors and broken windows one can easily lose hope.
Turning the dreams into dark twisted despairs called a nightmare.
People keep telling you are unique and special while there are clearly more out there who overlap in some parts with your being.
And even when you find those that overlap in parts with you not all will welcome such a thing.
The world is selfish.. No, correct that.. People are selfish.
Why? Because we were taught to believe we ALL are special.
And I am not the first one to express these words.I just know even if I never came across them.
It could be also said all humans are narrow-minded too. Which is true in a sense.
We claim to accept many things,
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 0 0
Rain.. My one true friend.
Hoping this downpour has no end.
With you I can collect my thought.
Not worry about all the demons fought.
Wipe clean all of my sorrow.
And if not... You'll see me tomorrow.
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 2 0
Road to the Gallows Part 1
Road to the Gallows.
The sun was setting on the walls of the city of Utrecht, basking the roofs and towers in the last light of the day. It was a quiet dusk, workers returned home and the priests began the evening service by ringing the bells of the churches across the city.
Darius was sitting in his room on the second floor that overlooked the street and canal below. People walked past to return home for supper and the company of their family.
He stroked back a strand of his brown hair that fell before his vision, it was long and put in a neat ponytail that reached his neck. But the hair before his eyes did not bother him since he payed more attention the book in his hand, also neither did he knew the day was at an ending already since his focus was on this book all day long.
People found it odd that he was more of scholar and not interested in learning the Merchant trade like his elder brother from his parents. But his interest wasn't riches and trade, he had a love for histor
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 1 12
Ref sheet: Darius
Basic information:
Name: Darius
Nickname: "Demon" (Called by those who cast him out from his town) "Shade"
Age: 21
Gender: Male.
Species: Human.
Nationality: Dutch (Or what is known as those parts in that time)
Birthplace: Utrecht
Current residence: Wandering
Addiction: Books. Myths
Special Skills: Skilled with quarter-staff, takes notice of small details quickly, speaks a few different languages, knowledge of myths, am odd form of healing magic.
Hobbies: Reading, magic, traveling
Likes: Not being hunted for his believes, a quit place to sit and think deeply
Dislikes: Witch-hunters, The Church, Priests, hanging.
Family: His father Baldric , brother Walfrid and his mother Truden. Has no more contact with them.
Background Information:
Darius grew up behind the walls of the city of Utrecht with his parents and elder brother, who were all in the merchant trade. They made enough coin to life with many riches the common man had no access too. It was a pleasant and warm place to grow up. Yet
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 1 15
King or Usurper?
With the taste of blood in my mouth I lay here.
The ground feels rough and cold to me.
What faith has been judged upon me is unclear.
Pride, guilt or even greed was the the key.
Thinking I followed the right path this time.
I ended up betrayed by those I loved.
Was leading them such a crime?
But by my actions away I was shoved.
The crown I maybe took by force.
It is now stained by death and decay.
The plans I made taking a different course.
All of it going so far away.
Usurper,defiler and even scum.
Those are names I am now called by.
I have no idea of what's to come.
All I have is one ally.
She is the one at my side.
Even if now she holds doubt.
Those are things she wants to hide.
She still thinks I'm cut-out.
I'll rise again after my lose.
My power gone, maybe forever.
Dealing with these coups.
I will not fall again, never!
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 6 4
The blade in my hand fell again, for reasons I yet again can't explain.
Upward the roads my goal was, but the goal slipped between my paws.
I shall still have to keep this mask up, because I have spilled my Queen's Cup.
Maybe I can mend or fix the damage done, or else oblivion has won.
I'm still the saint and the sinner, the dirty loser and stinking winner.
Truth and faith are the tools I take too far, which in the end leaves people with a scar.
Repeating the foolishness endlessly still now, maybe I should step back and take a bow?
Leave the wisdom of affairs to an other, and not be people's greatest bother.
Or step forward once more and carry the burdens of life, because all of it is a strife.
Anyhow my role is still not cast, the final moment not yet passed.
Still having a choice to make, its a deal of bind or break.
Be a honorable beggar or foolish king, no idea what answers time will bring.
I need a new form to guide my hand, so stand by me and expand.
For now ill pick up the blade
:icondarix-dragon:Darix-Dragon 2 0


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