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Ok so i'm going to start doing a monthly feature, and i aim to keep it going this time xD

In other news:
I'm on a break from uni for the next 2 weeks so i aim to enjoy myself and make a TON of new pictures i've been thinking of for a while. I noticed that my posting tends to be fairly sporadic and i want to get myself posting at least 1 deviation a week from now on... *fingers crossed*

Also if you're on this new fangled facebookings feel free to follow me on there too, you will see most of my newer pics on there, any rough ideas i have, sneak previews AND whenever i feel nice enough you can watch a live stream of me actually making each picture :)…;<---------- CLICK IT! you know you wanna :P (seriously though please do, more followers = more pictures :))

Lets see how we get on then :P

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