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And here it is, the long (well, not so long) awaited suite!
some of its features:
-media player (with track, volume control and toggle function);
-rss with 3 feeds from 4 sites;
-speedfan (requires speedfan installed and running to work);
-utorrent (with 12 torrent displayed);
-network display;
-application, bookmarks, folders launcher;
-time and date;
-various backgrounds (vertical and horizontal bars, square)

expect a gmail skin and a facebook feed skin in the next update!

*known issues*
-rss skin doe not work very well, the first site does not display the feeds, so if anyone figures out why and can tell me how to fix it, i'll be grateful!!!!

tell me if there's anything to fix/tweak!

© 2011 - 2020 Dariosuper
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YiggssProfessional Digital Artist
A bit late, but how would I get the temperature to read?
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isaacchristieHobbyist General Artist
hi, great looking skin,
Im new to rainmeter and Im having trouble installing this skin correctly.
as I load each of the ini files in rainmeter they come out overlapping each other
is there a layout file somewhere for me to load?
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No, there's no need for layout files.
 Just drag every ini file you loaded around the desktop and position them how you prefer.
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isaacchristieHobbyist General Artist
thank you
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nice work..... I love it.....
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thanks! again
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Very Very nice

thank u a ton

was searching for utorrent + HDD temp
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thank you for your support!
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hm ;__; now im sitting here, with this bad ass skin, and i got two problems:

The buttons dont work for ..any application. I think i must change the most stuff on my own, but .. HOW!? I can't find a option to define the path's of my µTorrent and my picture folders etc.

AND i can't fully get rid of my Taskbar.

Win7 x64 ultimate ._.
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"bad ass skin" XD thanks!
for your problem, open the skin's folder, then go under "resources", open the "variables.txt" file and change the "app#" and "applink#" lines and the "doc#" and "docklink#" ones. about the taskbar, my skin can't help you, but i would suggest this lil program called nobar. you can find it here ->[link] hope i helped you!
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Oh and the last problem i got - the µtorrent pluginstuff dont work D: and i dont even know why :(
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go to variables.txt, in the Resources folder. find the variables:

and replace them with yours!
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i .. got nor user pass OO" ..
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ooooooook, sorry, i forgot to explain that... anyway, open utorrent.
1. go to settings, click on advanced (not the plus sign);
2. look for "webui.token" and set it to "false";
3. now click on the plus side next to "advanced"
4. click "web ui"
5. check "enable web ui"
6. set a username and a password (which you ewill need later in rainmeter)
7. check under connectivity (mine is in italian so i don't know what it is in english)
8. then in rainmeter, open variables.txt, and set your utorrent username and password.
save, refresh and tell me if it worked!
thanks for using my skins!
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nahh just ignore the stuff i said. Except of the Taskbar XD

thats what i am xD
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I like this, but for some reason the fonts are displayed in black unlike in the preview. Any idea how I can fix this?
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yeah sorry 'bout that. just open xtrabar\resources\variables.txt and change color2=0,0,0 to 255,255,255
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Durza11Hobbyist Photographer
I'm having a hard time changing the weather to my local stuff... I'm assuming it's the part where it said "xml.blahblahblah.blahblah.etc" Can't quite remember what it said originally, but that's where I think I need to change it. How do I change the part without messing up the skin?
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forgot to say that variables.txt is in the resources folder!
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Durza11Hobbyist Photographer
found that, but i'm still having problems with the actual widget displaying the information.
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can you take a screenshot? what does exactly the skin show to you? if it doesn't bother you would you mind telling me what your weathercode is? sorry for the inconvenience
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Durza11Hobbyist Photographer
nah, screenies are broken on this computer. (long story, don't ask) I'm not sure what you mean by weather code... if you mean the thing from weather.com, it's 59804:4:US

my ZIP code is 59804
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are you from frenchtown? if you are, then your weathercode should be USMT0126. try it out and tell me if it solves the problem!
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Durza11Hobbyist Photographer
It still didn't work :/
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