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Companion for Rainmeter

there you have it folks! the results of the last couple of weeks's work.

as the picture shows, this is a sidebar, but it's so much more than that!

you can choose, with the config skin, what to show or not, so that you have everything you need and nothing more!

caution: as of now, the utorrent display doesn't seem to work, i'll re-code it and update Companion in a couple of days, it'really weird tho, untill some days ago it worked perfectly :-/

anyway, if you like this skin, +fav it and comment! i appreciate any feedback!

fix'd system section error

fix'd config refreshig everything error

added compatibility with the newest beta.
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I just found this and trying it out -- the config skin doesn't seem to be doing anything. Not sure if it's my setup or incompatibilities with the new Rainmeter.  
simply awesome, the best thing my eyes ever lied on. not perfect yet though, but almost there.
I spent hours modifying your codes and here are the list of what I found:

- my ip address won't show. IIRC i copied the part where it supposed to retrieve the ip from other skin....not sure, because i deleted those part as i don't need that.

- gmail unread counts won't work. moving the code on (as you suggested at comment below) doesn't work for me. skipped it, i dont really need this anyway.

- update time is so high. whenever my music player plays the next song, the bar still showing the last song's title for a sec. this, is by far the most annoying bug. i had to set from Update=1000 to Update=250 on rainmeter's cpu usage went from 1% to 6% so i had to set UpdateDivider on EVERY section. (also read next list)
EDIT: just found out about DefaultUpdateDivider (… )

- please use "UpdateDivider=-1" on static objects to reduce cpu usage.

- have you tried to connect to a wireless with long SSID? it overlaps the wifi image. use word wrap on it.
Hi Henry

Which objects have you set UpdateDivider to -1?

I'm all for reducing CPU usage as much as possible.
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My first and last Rainmeter skin.

I am curious though, is there a way to add more than 8 app links?
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suddenly the weather is working D:
but the is still as "no unread" showing up
and i'm pretty sure i have properly configured the guser and gpass there
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yes sorry, it's an error on my part, i fixed it on my other skins when i noticed it, but i forgot to fix it here. anyway, here's the fix:
>go to
>search for this text:



>cut it and paste it at the end

tel me if it still doesn't work.

Anyway about the weather stuff, it happened to me many times, i think it has to do with the website the skins works with.
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Ohhh yeees :D Its working now :heart:
And what a simple solution hahaha
So the plugin must be always at the end? I was taking a look at the same file in compaction and its like that too

Weel, thank you so much!
Now it fits perfectly my desktop!

I love your works, so, believe me, I'm practically stalking your progress here :D lol :evillaugh:
Keep it up!
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yay my first stalker!
thanks, really hope you'll love my future works too!
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I really love ALL your Rainmeter works!
Have been using the mb8 at work, and the compaction at home and I love all of them <3 Amazing work, really!

Now, I've been wanting to use this one also, but I just cant make the gmail/weather temp to work
Gmail never worked for me, but the weather was working just fine and suddenly it stopped

Do you have any solution in mind I could try?

obs: just to note it, i'm using the same values on compaction and mb8 and both are working just fine, problem seems to occur only with companion
please help, really want to use companion, it fits more my "current windows style" :)
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thank you for your support! I'm really glad you like my skins
I hope you found my solution helpful ^^

please keep enjoying my works!
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Yes, your solution worked out perfectly

Your works are really awesome! Keep it up! :hug:
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thank you really!!!
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Awesome sidebar! love it thanks!
Now the questions :D

I know the torrent bar is not working after reading above so that question has now been answered :)

Now the RSS I can't get it to work with this this feed [link]






Just will not show

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can i suggest you to take a look at the latest companion installment, CompACTion, i think you'll love it!
very very nice!!
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I also have the same problem BG0812 having.
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try redownloading now, should be fixed. if it isn't, tell me!
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I have problem the black background is in first plan look : [link]
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try redownloading now, should be fixed. if it isn't, tell me!
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Thank's it's fixed now !
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glad it worked!
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i think it's due to a change in the last rainmeter beta. are you using that perhaps? i'll have to upload a fix in some days, hopefully it will resolve this kind of situation...
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