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Wood Elves

"HFS Races: Elves" is on the way!
And here is a little anticipation.

Daz Studio 4.6; actual render, no postwork.

I'm really happy with this render; the characters look exactly how I wanted, expecially their armors. I hope you enjoy it (as much as I do). :)
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Great characters and scene! Excellent work!!!
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I think this showcases what Daz can do. I must admit I normally would do some postwork on a raw Daz image!
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Having this set, I can only say it is gorgeous. What hairstyles are these if I may?
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Evelyn Hair 2 on the female…

Drake Hair (small braids) on the male
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Almost looks real
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Beautiful work. The textures really pop here.
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I stumbled across this today on Renderosity and fell absolutely in love with the outfit the guy is wearing.  I bought the Wood Ranger outfit today and it's absolutely stunning. :)  I notice you have a different texture for the tunic here, which I prefer to the one in the package. Is that something you've made available to purchase anywhere?

I also LOVE this image.  I've spent most of the day staring at it!
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Thank you! :D
For now no, I'm planning to do a texture expansion, but I haven't finished it yet. :(
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Fantastic! I look forward to seeing it when it's done. :)  

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Looks great! :squee-love: - PLZ :squee-love: - PLZ :squee-love: - PLZ 
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So in love with the males outfit. You must tell us what you used on him! Looks so so good! I love it!
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Eheh! It's something I working on. Stay tuned! :D
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Wow gorgeous!!! Ohhh I want those textures badly!!!
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Most of them are not textures, but simply sheders. :)
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Except for the skin looking a bit plasticy... they look really kool. Well done!
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The armors are nice looking and i love his hood! :D
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Where did you get those outfits? They rock! So does this image I mean damn, I'm lovin the elves. Can't wait to see some dwarves or halflings (I'm an old school D&D player LOL)
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Dwarves are in my mind for quite a while now... I think that they'll be one of my next projects! But if you talk about dwarves... you talk also about long braided beards!!! :D :D :D
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I actually want those clothes to wear myself. :D
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