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Flynn Rider 's jacket

The jacket of Flynn Rider
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That would be awesome to wear on a day-to-day basis! :) Yes, I'm a fan of Flynn Rider, but his outfit looks so cool! Maybe one day I can make one like this :)
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That color is soooooo great! o_o
I've been looking for the right color such a long time and I don't know what to do anymore :'DD Here in Finland it's very hard to find good leather OR fake leather in colors and the top of it... It's not cheap here in Finland ^^'
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Here it's easy to find fake leather or real leather, but i was very lucky to find this exact color!
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Yes you were! I envy you! :'D
Well, let's hope that I find a good color.... I'm so stressed about it ^^'
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waaao great work !
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i feel stupid for just asking that... :blush::(
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i found in a leather company 2 pieces of this leather. i Don't think to find again cause was only 2 pieces of a test of colors!
I would to go again and ask them if they can do again the same color in new piece of leathers =)
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