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Demon Hunter male - Diablo 3


"My family was butchered by hellspawn. To witness such a thing is enough to leave your mind in ruins. The madness killed my sister, and left me frightened and alone. Until I was rescued. Rescued by survivors, who had joined together to rid the world of the creatures of Hell. They saw in me the strength to resist the demons. And they forged me into a weapon. Now, I am ready. A meteor has fallen in Tristram, and the dead have risen in its wake. I will send them back to their gr...aves. Once, I was hunted. Now...I am the hunter."

One of my dreams comes true!
Finally my Demon Hunter from Diablo 3 gained a perfect prize in these awesome photos made by my friend Pugoffka-sama last day of Otaku Festival in this ancient Castle far from Bucharest =)
I m a fan since Diablo 1 and this was the right tribute of this game by Blizzard that stolen me a lot of hours of play =)
I spent so many hours on my costume and weapon with help and under supervision of my other closed friend Luca Sabatini.

For this cosplay i used plastazote with latex, real leather in all parts and my weapon is Windforce, a legendary bow since first Diablo!!
I would to use it instead little crossbows to be little bit different and cause it was perfect weapon as tribute of all 3 games of Diablo.

my FB page:
- CURECOS account= Cure No. 225920
- dariocosplay

Please support me and share it! thank you!

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Absolutely wonderful job portraying him!  You really do look like him.
You look just like him :wow:. Well done.
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Avevo già visto queste foto su Worldcosplay e sono assolutamente spettacolari!
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La fotografa è davvero brava, merito anche suo ;)
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