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February 18, 2010
Icon01 by ~dario111 is malice incarnate.
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Hoshikage869's avatar
I'm surprised there are no comments for something as amazing as this.
RueMurdock's avatar
Wow! The detail and intense color is absolutely breathtaking! Also quite disturbing, in a really good way!!
I0Ki's avatar
Люто О_О
McCorvey92's avatar
whoa thats to insane
komaxs's avatar
Jenny-Toxiphobia's avatar
Неужели можно так.
dario111's avatar
samonmars's avatar
Gorgeous. in a creepy way.
FrostBlast's avatar
Looks like Andrei Rublyev gone steampunk/demonic. Absolutely gorgeous.
Siwons's avatar
What will be next? Crucified "worm/aline"?
When I look on your gallery I think only one, Dude you got some issues.
Tyai's avatar
I actually came across this piece because a few people were playing offended, saying this was anti-religion and stuff like that, which just made me want to look at it more.

This picture is absolutely breath-taking, I really enjoy it. I can't imagine how long this must have taken. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed it very much. The colours are beautiful. +Fav/Watch
Astromaxiths's avatar
oh my god this piece is absolutely the bomb!!!
I LOVE IT 100% !!!
thank you!!!
dario111's avatar
wavefunction's avatar
Whether it's anti-Christian or not is irrelevant to its quality as a piece of art, although it will of course have some bearing on an individual's appreciation of it.

Simply being 'offended' by something is a fairly minor deal really. It's not physically hurt you, and it's not caused horrendous emotional trauma. People should not be so scared to think uncomfortable thoughts.

Short of actually hurting someone physically or mentally, or inciting others to do so, I say no holds barred. Definitely no holds barred in art.

Moreoever, it's got us all talking. How many pieces of art generate the same amount of conversation?
dario111's avatar
Each has its own truth)
dario111's avatar
Thank you for your comments. I appreciate any opinion)
renatadomagalska's avatar
beautiful, modern point of view
g14nT's avatar
I rlly respect originality, but...not in thins like this. May be, it's becouse i didn't rlly understood what your picture mean, cuz it's rlly think of something, when looking to this picture. Imho, it feels kind of bad to my stomach, so it's not my type of art i think. Anyway, from artistic point of view, you did a good job, it's very i think it taked you quite a time to make this one.
wavefunction's avatar
This person, from another land, who you've never spoken to or really interacted with, has made you feel sick to your stomach.

It's made you feel something, and something powerful. How many other pieces of art can you say that about?
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