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August 23, 2012
Whispers of the Spectrum by *DarinK is stunning, the amount of work that has gone into this amazes me, well done.
Featured by Infinite705
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Whispers of the Spectrum

Asad stood transfixed looking at the city below. The journey to reach this mining planet took 7 years, nearly all of it in the deep sleep state. It was a hard choice to make the commitment to come here, the company was offering quadruple pay, a lifetime pension, and a decent house for anyone willing to spend 5 years in the deep mines. The only drawback is he would lose 14 years of his life on the round trip journey. What does my future hold? He had sent a message to his family shortly after arrival, telling them that all was well and he looked forward to seeing them upon his return. When they receive the message I will be on my way home.

He stared at the awakening city watching the dawning sun and looking at the mining transport ships, hundreds of them, as they prepared to pick up workers for transport to the mine sites. So many dreams and so many stories, are we real, or is it all a simulation? The sun appeared to convey a message, one of hope…one of destiny. As he watched it rise he thought he heard whispers, the Whispers of the Spectrum.

This is for the Sol contest[link] at :iconinner-space:

Click the "Download Image" button and view full-size.

All elements in this artwork are my own design and creation except for the planet/moon textures which are from NASA [link]

Comments appreciated!

Edit 8/23/12: Wow! A Daily Deviation, this is awesome! Thank you Infinite705, and thanks to everyone for all the faves
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The image is eye grabbing, and the description really gave it that extra umf that leaves me wondering about this world for hours :love: 
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How amazing and amospheric! Masterpiece! It's my wallpaper now, thak you!

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Awesome work I currently have it featured on my site ( and credit linked back to you. Keep up the awesome art work.
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I LOVE this image! 
Is there anyway it would be available for commercial purchase? Namely for a book cover? 
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Hi, the picture is really nice.. 
We want to use it as a background image in a website header visual..
Is that possible? 

This picture shows how i feel myself sometimes.

Im just a dude, standing there lonely while, a world lives and goes on around me without even taking notice of me...

Amazing picture !
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Really amazing piece. Light and mood are perfect!
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I wish it would be a planet so near to us, that we could see it like in your amazing pictures! Great work :)
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Thank you!! :)
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City looks awesome. I love the sun alot. Well done!
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Thanks a lot!!
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And humanity spread across the stars.
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Also, I like that his name is Asad. Injected some flavor into it.  Instead of, ya know, something like James or Eric. 
WOW! thats amazing! i wish i could do things like that but i can only draw simple things
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Thanks a lot!!
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