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January 26, 2012
Untainted Tranquility by *DarinK
Featured by Casperium
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Untainted Tranquility

Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I've uploaded any artwork. This was done in Geocontrol 2 and Vue 10. I started out with one of the presets in Geocontrol and tweaked it heavily. The moon textures are NASA images from the MODIS website, modified and tweaked in Photoshop.

Links to NASA textures:


Check this out in full-size.

Comments are much appreciated!

Edit 1/26/12: Wow, A Daily Deviation!! Thanks Casperium!! :D
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Amazing 😂😃
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Looks a lot like what I see in my dreams. Sometimes it's venus. Sometimes its all planets. Or the sun itself.

Very beautiful.
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Ligit gasped when I saw this one...well done
Stunning image.
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Great work! Keep it up.
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very impressive looking planet or moon ;)
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Very cool image. Another one with great scale. And the vivid colors actually work!
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Thank you very much! :D
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Whoa.... Just whoa....
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Great choice of colours, superb image!
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Thanks a lot!!
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awesome! you should make a pic from a different planets perspective with earth in the background :)
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Thanks, I might do that one day. :)
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