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Published: May 28, 2013
And now for something completely different.

I've not posted in a while, I guess my pony stuff had started to feel routine and a little boring (to me at least :)). So I wanted to try something else, this was drawn with a stylus on an iPad Mini in a program called ArtStudio, which is the program I had begun using to do digital sketching for some of my more recent vector comics.

So, it's a bit messy, partially as a stylistic choice, and partly cause I'm still getting the hang of doing something other than vector work!

I'd like to know what people think of the style (drawing, layout etc). Does it look 'stylistically' messy, or just like I've been lazy, for instance? Is the layout easy enough to follow? (I deliberately limited myself to one fixed size canvas so had to work to the space available). I've not decided if I'll re-use this style, or try something different next time, or, or, err anyway.

That's enough rambling from me. Go look at the ponies.
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xXBerryBlastXxProfessional Digital Artist
may i use a couple panels for a drawing im gonna make? (this comic inspired me :))
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DaringDashieHobbyist General Artist
I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what you mean. Taking inspiration from something doesn't really require permission (and is rather flattering by the way :)). But if you mean something along the lines of directly copying, or tracing,. from this comic than I'd have to say no.
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xXBerryBlastXxProfessional Digital Artist
Not like tracing or copying :) i mean drawing something similar to it but not the exact same
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Ozzy1955Hobbyist Filmographer
So Cute :D Love 
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Miss-Awesomeness11Student General Artist
where are dashie's legs on the last panel?
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DaringDashieHobbyist General Artist

Yeah, I missed them when I first drew this, and the lack of available layers in the program I used makes editing extremely difficult.
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and the predator falls victim to her apprentice... classic
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princesscailaHobbyist Traditional Artist
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RAINBOW DASH encounter a wild TANK!



Congratulations! RAINBOW DASH was caught!
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DazedDaisiesO-oHobbyist Traditional Artist
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SkrillexxFHHobbyist General Artist
:iconeweplz: SO CUTE!!!

Just one thing to note, wheres RD's cutie mark in the last panel? o:
(Rainbow and Scoots: :iconwhatthefuboomplz:)
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DaringDashieHobbyist General Artist
Err, behind Scootaloo. The more important question would be 'where are Dashie's legs in the final panel?' I've just noticed that they should be visible but aren't... :S
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MrAsianhappydudeHobbyist General Artist
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brandonking2013Hobbyist Artist
nicely done
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D'aww! It's so sweet!
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amandaamHobbyist Digital Artist
that's so cute!!
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Major cuteness detected!
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And my heart melts into a steaming puddle of hnnnnnnng
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statooseHobbyist Digital Artist
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RaccoonTwin-3Hobbyist General Artist
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