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Avalait by Darigankat Avalait :icondarigankat:Darigankat 4 0 Random picture by Darigankat Random picture :icondarigankat:Darigankat 2 0
No Sanctuary
what is left
here for me
neither reality
nor oblivion
are my sanctuary
what can still
bring me joy
like a child
by a single toy
what is that
lurking near
inside my mind
bordering eyes
shadows are here
:icondarigankat:Darigankat 0 0
Enjoy! by Darigankat Enjoy! :icondarigankat:Darigankat 3 0 Cupcake background by Darigankat Cupcake background :icondarigankat:Darigankat 0 0 Landscape Practice by Darigankat Landscape Practice :icondarigankat:Darigankat 0 1 ADD meets Depression by Darigankat ADD meets Depression :icondarigankat:Darigankat 1 0 Boss by Darigankat Boss :icondarigankat:Darigankat 1 0 Mermaid Mirror by Darigankat Mermaid Mirror :icondarigankat:Darigankat 2 0 Vanity by Darigankat Vanity :icondarigankat:Darigankat 0 0 Meadow by Darigankat Meadow :icondarigankat:Darigankat 0 0 Vi by Darigankat Vi :icondarigankat:Darigankat 0 0
Why do I wear eyeliner?
My eyes can see;
they dont need lining.
the scars are invisible
to everyone but me.
My lashes are long;
I don't need mascara.
It will only darken
my liquid sadness.
I will cover up the scars
that line my tear ducts.
I will hide the places
Where my misery leaks.
I will cover up the spot
where my lashes sprout.
I will hide the tears
in liquid black.
This is why I wear eyeliner.
:icondarigankat:Darigankat 0 2
Summer Writing Challenge: Day 9
I've never been a patient person. Rob was always the one who wanted to wait for better opportunities, a better chance at getting in or out of a place. I always wanted to just hurry up and go, get it over with.
I know I shouldn't have been wandering the streets alone, but Rob was busy off being a hero, helping some poor kacheek with some food or something. She'd started following him around and I'd started getting more than a little annoyed. I thought about the little chest under my floorboards but knew that Rob would find out and be furious.
So I just cleared out. Told Tria I was around and I'd come back now and then to see if she needed me. Truth be told, she was more than a little preoccupied too, focusing on the preparations for the feast day.  I figured when the feast was over maybe I'd go back and things would be back to normal.
I ended up hoarding some food and holing up in someone's attic for a few days, lying low and staying quiet, carving designs into stolen soap w
:icondarigankat:Darigankat 0 0
Summer Writing Challenge: Day 8
It's hard, knowing that I will never see her again, never be able to talk with her, hear her laugh.
In a way, everything ended up as it was before. When I was in my own dying, desecrated body, I could not possibly hope to talk to her. And now, in this beautiful body, my dying, desecrated soul cannot find hers.
I am lost.
Memories come and go, sometimes quick and unclear, sometimes fast and vivid. Hours spent in carriages touring the city, wandering the streets, disguising ourselves so we wouldn't be recognized. Hours more sitting in her rooms, with her showing me the things she'd made, the things she'd written. Hours just talking to her, being near her. All were gone now.
I know I should be grateful. Many did not even have memories of the ones they loved. Many never got to spend time with them. I should cherish the time I got to spend with her.
But when you can only remember, it hurts so much to do so.
:icondarigankat:Darigankat 0 0
Summer Writing Challenge: Day 7
To my dear Mistress,
I have been with the target of my search for over four months. She remains living and unhurt, against your wishes. I should perhaps have obeyed your orders immediately, although I am now glad that I did not.
You see, the orders you gave me do not seem to match with my observations. As you so charminly put it, 'the girl is too young, untrained, and has too much power. Starchildren are always brought up in the homeworld of the Council, so that they may be properly monitored and controlled. She is a danger to herself and others. She carries with her the disease, and, if it takes root on the other planets she travels too, it may wipe out life on multiple worlds. She is setting out to undo all the good things I have tried to do for my worlds  in the past century. She must be stopped.'
However, Miss Della, you have made some untrue statements here. Dezzi is physically young, but acts as ancient as you yourself. She controls her powers well and uses them only when ne
:icondarigankat:Darigankat 0 0

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Fracture by Shadowsprint Fracture :iconshadowsprint:Shadowsprint 2 0 do you want to build a snowman? by agusmp do you want to build a snowman? :iconagusmp:agusmp 197 31 let it go by agusmp let it go :iconagusmp:agusmp 162 14 WARPAINT by DestinyBlue WARPAINT :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 21,727 827 Not Alone by DestinyBlue Not Alone :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 21,420 925
you've got your claws in me
I keep transitioning through different self-destructions as I suffer separation anxiety from my recently unavailable favorite. Now I'm back to sleeping most of the time and watching 30 Rock.  Livin the life.
I'm so uninspired lately, it's disgusting, especially when the only thing I like about myself is my writing. I really hate all my work lately and I'm so sorry for subjecting you guys to it. I have a wall of inspiration in my room now with all my absolute favorite poems and they watch me sleep and it's kind of romantic in a creepy dysfunctional way, but mostly, it reminds me why I need to keep trying to improve.
Anyways. Halloween was fun. I was Minnie Mouse. I was cute, or so I'm told. ;)
Take a pretty song for your time
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 5 75
Before I Can Become a Writer
Develop insomnia. Develop
problems with substance abuse,
nothing serious, but enough
that I can say “write drunk,
edit sober” and mean it.
Drink tea. Write about drinking
tea. Take up smoking, ignore
the thoughts about it being
a slower suicide. Write about
suicide. Don’t mean it.
Write about sunsets and
ink veins. Mean it.
Fall in love with someone
who will never love me back.
Lament. Write a million
crappy poems and two good
ones. Never show him.
Move on. Write a few more
bad poems. Fall in love with
someone perfect. Screw it up.
Fall in love with someone awful.
Call him perfect. Screw it up.
Cry. Cry for the inevitable,
the way my family never
loved me right, the way my
first kiss was regrettable
at best, the way my therapist
says my depression is a demon
taking over me. Cry for the
changeable, the way
I hate my body and my writing
and everything I live to be.
Use clichés. Live clichés,
breathe clichés, be
a cliché. Write a poem
about ho
:iconintricately-ordinary:intricately-ordinary 341 181
Depth by DestinyBlue Depth :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 13,644 599 Whimsy by sosuftw Whimsy :iconsosuftw:sosuftw 12 2 Wistful's Guild Layout #66 by sosuftw Wistful's Guild Layout #66 :iconsosuftw:sosuftw 10 11 Portfolio WIP by sosuftw Portfolio WIP :iconsosuftw:sosuftw 11 21 Autumn Breezes (Old) by sosuftw Autumn Breezes (Old) :iconsosuftw:sosuftw 12 29 Wistful's Guild Layout #67 by sosuftw Wistful's Guild Layout #67 :iconsosuftw:sosuftw 8 10 Wistful - Tutorials and Resources by sosuftw Wistful - Tutorials and Resources :iconsosuftw:sosuftw 10 8 Belle Dress Design by Eranthe Belle Dress Design :iconeranthe:Eranthe 749 57
100 Themes Challenge
list by :devDragonprotectorRyuu:
I wanna do this. To be productive lol. I'll be doing this with either writing, commissions, art trades, drawings, whatever. I'll be linking it here as I finish yoooo.
1.  Beginning (originally changed from "Introduction")
2.  Freedom
3.  Corruption 
4.  Guardian
5.  Magic 
6.  Courage
7.  Strength
8.  Rescue
9.  Rest 
10. Pain 
11. Recovery 
12. Caged
13. Fire
14. Sacrifice
15. Ice
16. Blood
17. Night
18. Moonlight
19. Escape
20. Injured
21. Love
22. Hate
23. Disease
24. Frozen
25. Comfort
26. Execution 
27. Hospital
28. Tears
29. Nightmare
30. Dream
31. Mystery
32. Time
33. Horror
34. Fantasy
35. Experiment
36. Waterfall
37. Forest
38. Swimming
39. Sunset
40. Cute
41. Book
42. Falling
43. Hero
44. Monster 
45. Don't let go
46. Scars
47. Angel
48. Demon
49. Fangs
50. L
:iconseyuri:seyuri 2 18


Darigankat's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Kaci
on the internet I mostly go by Kitty, Kitten, or Mew
I live with my amazing boyfriend who I adore.
darigankat is my UN on the site that first inspired me to be creative, neopets.
I like art, food, reading, and video games. A lot.
I'm currently unemployed and not in school because I'm still trying to figure out how to be an adult.


its been a little while
i stopped kind of living for a while because its hard to care anymore about much of anything
school and just life also give me a lot of anxiety that didnt use to like, give me panic attacks
but something here is not right

i had a blockage in my ascending colon for perhaps several months, which i think is a result of stress. it hurt a lot and because i refused to tell my parents about the problem it took a long time to get me to the doctor.

im also essentially done with this year of school. i'm really scared for next year and college. im still unsure what college i want to go to but i think i'll be majoring in chemical engineering.

i have been keeping up with art (not writing) because i've been taking an art class, mostly. i have plans for at least one project over the summer and i want to start drawing more frequently but who knows if that will happen.
i miss art.
and i wish i could go to an art college but considering im done with my junior year of high school and looking at my skill level that isn't possible or a good plan for the future.

in happy news i have a this guy i love who keeps me alive and usually also succeeds at bringing me happiness.

i miss you all.


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