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Dariel Studio has renovated and transformed a 17th-century building from the Ming Dynasty into a heritage 21-room hotel. The Opening Ceremony organized by Blossom Hill will take place this weekend, Sunday April 22. The Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel is located in the water town of Zhouzhuang, 1,5 hour away from Shanghai.

The building was formerly divided into 4 parts, a Museum, a Tea House, a Guesthouse and the last part was abandoned. The hotel renovation aims to restore the initial spatial unity of the building and preserve the splendid architectural heritage.

The hotel will open in May 2012.

You can discover the work in progress pictures here…
Dariel Studio handled the project management of Johnnie Walker House. The whole design by Love Creative and the Asylum tends to create a multi-sensorial journey in the refined world of whisky.

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Dunmai Office

With a strong concept "Work in a Park – Play in the Office", this creative indoor arrangement makes this space a definite trendy and innovative office, and, at the same time, answers the client's identity.

The new design is also a reverence to the previous historical building Dunmai Office once was, as well as to the strong heritage of the industry's construction style.

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