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Hello folks!

I just saw this information passing by on facebook. Daria is coming back! Not the same Daria but still! Personnally I'm intrigued and want to see that!
What do you think of this reboot? Tell us!

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Contest's first place winner!

Daria Genderbend by Jaymzeecat
for the 2012 Genderbend contest, :iconjaymzeecat:


Welcome to this Sick Sad World.
We're all crazy about Daria so join and come have fun with us all!

The admins are here to help you, we don't bite. Much...

Group rules: darias-sicksadworld.deviantart…






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The mods are not around often, but the group isn't dead, we add the deviations submited even if they're expired when we do get around.
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Lots of love for you guys :love:
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When you select a group to add your art to, you get a drop down list of the folders available in that group, above the submit button. Choose the ppropriate one and submit.
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