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August 13, 2021
The Three Kings by DariaRidel
Featured by Astralseed
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The Three Kings


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..and the witch )
It was the story of the fallen mission
Covered with the black wings
It all was a dream
And after sleep the awakening comes..
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© 2021 DariaRidel
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Invoking forbidden incantations written in blood by the hands of a madman, she summoned forth the three kings of old from their cursed tomes sunk long, long ago beneath the waves of the great northern sea - Pestilence, Famine and the High Death. With every ounce of her strength and willpower she cursed the men who had so wronged her, the suffering and humiliation having taken their toll on her fragile mind long ago, leaving a once lovely young girl warped and twisted beyond all hope of repair. But what good is repair when revenge will suffice just as nicely; perhaps even more so. Bonded to the ornate headdress adorning her pale brow, her warrior-kings swarmed across the land, rotting it from within, blasting the living earth black with plague, withering the populace through disease and despair.

She smiled, watching it all unfold in her mind, all the horrors wrought, all the terrors unleashed on this cruel people. Such delicious destruction as had never been seen since the days of myth and legend long ago, the whole of civilization brought to its knees in ruin because of her! She laughed ever so wickedly, delighting in the damnation she brings, bidding her chosen ones ever onward across the face of the whole world now. Let them tremble, let them quake, her powers were absolute! All would fall before her and worship her in despair! Enslave the children to become her willing pawns - the dead would be the lucky ones...

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Great story!!!😉😊

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This only makes me want to write more for you.

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sick bro very sick bro

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Getting some delightful Souls vibes from this.

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What a stunning piece. Love her crown and the whole dark vibe :3

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Very Cool design, it reminds me of a East-Slavic legend Koschei the Deathless, the Hero gets help from three wizards: the Falcon, Raven and Eagle. long story short, very good picture.

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Great overview!!! Thank you^^

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it is a very nice piece of art.

Excellent you got a DD :)

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Congratulations on getting featured 😊

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Beautifully done!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
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Wow the creepy and the beauty, perfectly all things should be
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What a spectacular art piece. It has some serious style as well as being excellently executed.

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Crazy wild and intriguing design. Incredible work.
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fantastic colors and composition. Really loving it!

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Cool, I like it.

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