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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 12:30 AM
Chapter One [Snippet]

The morning light broke into the empty penthouse apartment like a sword piercing a long forgotten enemy. Effortlessly slicing through the particulates of the stale bedroom air, each shaft of lucid daybreak refused to be denied as it penetrated past the ruse of sleep and demanded repentance for acts which, only twelve hours ago, seemed entirely a good idea. Through a series of unfortunate miscalculations the previous night, which had involved copious amounts of alcohol and sin in equal parts, Trey awoke to the searing realization that neither would account for a good start to his day. Closing his eyes tightly in an act of futile defiance, he raised his hand in one last appeal to shade the assault upon his senses, only to surrender to that onslaught moments later upon conceding that not even he could control the celestial bodies.

Outside his penthouse apartment, the city sprang to life in a veritable symphony of orchestration which, to your average nobody, was a sure sign that he was shamefully neglecting his societal obligations to the world below and somehow letting all of humanity down in their expectations. Indeed, to the untrained eye, Trey was simply an overpaid gamer living the life of rock star debauchery unearned, but those in the stream knew better. To them, he really was a rock star and they couldn't get enough.

Somewhere on the streets, countless interactions were taking place which Trey would imagine to be quite complex in their chaos like a dance of insects which held no importance except when seen from above through the eyes of omniscience. This very thought amused him as he lay in bed agonizing over the repercussions of the night.

Clarity and focus are the hallmark of a sim-space technician, and privy to neither, Trey dialed up the layers and tried to focus instead on the streams of hazy information which were presented to him semantically in his home. Somewhere in his visual and auditory cortex, microscopically engineered augmentations which were attached to his neural pathways sprang to life like an unseen puppet master upon his senses. Each computational speck formed the basis of a complex artificial neural network in order to supplement his crude analog equivalents in a wireless capacity which would confuse those of lesser intellect and brand him either a demigod or heretic, depending which century he would find himself in.

Around him, the very room came alive in ghostly text and spatial audio whispering in his ear of everything as important as nuclear arms trades in some new country founded last week to the latest offer from Marshmallow Madness cereal. There were the obligatory news streams, social network systems, and personal messages, but the information he was looking for did not present itself this morning, though his inability to think straight was clearly impacting his ability to query the system. Whatever it was he was looking for would have to wait until he could work the stream more efficiently.

"Damn it..." he thought, "Who the hell was that woman?" Trey fought through the molasses of his mind trying to remember where she came from, some sort of identifying information, so he could cross reference her in the stream and make a connection.

He could barely collect his thoughts, let alone focus on a cursory search. For now, all he could muster was barely enough to hold back the tsunami of infinite spam waiting like vultures to slip by his filters at just the right moment to offer him a time-share in a fourth world quasi-nation. Of course, the steep discount for those vacations were likely tied to the very same countries newly formed and waving around nuclear weapons this week, and so it was no surprise that the real estate business these days was entirely hit or miss.

Gathering what was left of his mind, still torn and splattered across the apartment from the previous night, he forced against his aching body, still bruised and battered from... Trey vaguely recalled a brawl and then being chased as he winced against the pain and sat up in his bed. "The hell was I running from?" he thought as his feet pressed against the climate controlled floors and guided him like the undead to his multisurface across the room.

There was definitely a woman, he remembered as a few hand gestures brought up the menus and rebuilt his clothes against the wall. Something was really odd about her, though... the stream didn't have a positive identi-lock on her and...

Slowly he pulled on his Chromatic jumper and made his way to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of juice. The juice was some exotic tropical blend made from genetically engineered hyper-fruit, or so the overly calming and enthusiastic voice on the package assured. He could never be certain of the inherent claims on product packaging these days, as everything came to life in the stream. In his current state, anything that reduced his need to actually read was a blessing, even if what was being said were as fake as the ingredients in the juice.

The act of pouring the juice itself was a personal preference despite the convenience of smart assemblers built into every surface of his home. He never fully trusted them to deliver food, as there was already questionable content present in what he ate, though no such issues arose with the disposal of those items back into the matter repository.

Trey struggled to collect his thoughts. It was all still a haze, but what he remembered from the previous night began simply enough as an innocent invitation to a New Year's party. It wasn't uncommon to see random people on the streets giving out marker cards for parties and gigs at the local clubs. In a world of automated marketing and  geo-positional enhanced reality, some found that the best marketing tactics were still found employing tangibles, and there was something to be said about a beautiful woman fighting for your attention, even if it was for only a moment. Trey wasn't sure about where she had come from, but the woman seemed too good to ignore.  If only he could remember her name...

"Good Morning!" came a burst of sugar coated attention deficit.

Trey cringed as the hyperactive child mascot for Marshmallow Madness sprang to life in a multi-spatial assault on his senses. Somewhere in his mind, (he was certain), the very detailed plans on just how he would murder a fictional character existed and that surely he would be seen a hero for doing so among parents the world over. Maybe he would assassinate Timmy the same way as Wendel from that Cinnamon Toast cereal knocked off the other two chefs? All he needed was an implausible fun-house and some magic mirror to "accidentally" trip and shove Timmy into oblivion. Sure, millions of children around the world would be devastated for the loss, but if an old fat man can knock off two of his co-workers and get away with it, Trey didn't see why -

"Today is January 1st, 2026. Happy New Year!  If you act now, you can save five credits on your next purchase of Marshmallow Madness brand "cereal", the only cereal with ninety-percent of what kids want and ten percent to appease their parents (and the FDA minimum requirement for the definition of cereal)!"

Trey winced as the insane child bounced around shouting enthusiastically as if anyone could possibly care. Timmy sounded like a cross between Dennis the Menace and Rocky the Flying Squirrel, which could only have been made possible through some unknown deal with the devil upon some midnight tryst in a downtown marketing agency, or as Trey would call it; "Business as usual".

"Let's start the new year with a resolution, shall we?" Trey finally interrupted, "How about you stop talking to me after I've been drinking all night?" and with a bit of forced concentration, Timmy's temporary demise was imminent.


IMM3RSION is a work in progress and can be found in my gallery. I've gotten to about 4,359 words for the first chapter, and will be revising/polishing it up over time. Those edits will appear in the existing post as updates, and I welcome feedback and suggestions during this process. Please check the gallery and [watch] me if you want to be notified :)

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