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This is only the beginning

This is yet one of my art for Dragon Age 2. This is not the end of the game, this is the beginning of new adventures. ^_^

In connection with the comments I have decided to clarify one thing. I started painting with scenes from Fenris and Hawk. Then I wanted to add more characters and to make such a format to put on my desktop. So here came the dawn and burning Kirkvoll.
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That's a cute way to think of it. Instead of Hawke and Fenris leaving, they all left Kirkwall, saw off Hawke and Fenris, and then returned.
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I LOVE THIS! also love that Anders isn't in it lol so beautiful.
oldkaff's avatar
SO gorgeous! Love the depth in the landscape...and FenHawke of course Wink/Razz  
Yazmarohma42's avatar
Oh my GOD! Fenris hands... Can they find a cave and do it there?
Anyway, beautiful, romantic and epic artwork.
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Is that Zevran, between Aveline and Bethany?
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I have loved this pictures for years (probably 4 going on 5) but am such an old fogey I didn't even know that I could use images to search for images and didn't know where it came from.  I am so glad I know now.  I hope it's okay I use it as a desktop background - it makes me so happy when I see it.
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Get a cave you two DA2 had many of them but take me with you I need to document this... For... your .....champion of Kirkwall biography of course why else?
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Love this amazing art work,It's romantic and sweet and everyone's reaction is just perfect Heart Heart Heart Heart  
Goldeneyes2's avatar
I love everyone being included in this and their reactions or actions are all so fitting
islandgirlmv's avatar
Omg this is stunning, i love everything in this piece, fenris esp. tryin to cop a feel hehe, ^_^ soo awsome
Varrics-Love's avatar
Some people just want to watch the world burn.
crystalwof78's avatar
wow that is so beautiful :D
PistachioInfernal's avatar
Oh my! :blushes:
This is lovely, and very romantic. It makes we want to write something about the end of the game. ^_^
Natsumi494's avatar
WOW !!! OMG this is awesome !! I'm really amazed by your style and the your depict the group :love:
Gorgeous!  This is going in my Dragon Age Wallpaper slideshow for sure!!!

Except Anders is dead, sadness :c  (even if he pretty much deserved it...)

And eh, Fenris, gettin' a little handy, eh? ;)
alyssacousland's avatar
Simply perfect! :) 
This is such an amazing picture 
daytriper23's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful.
UnicornTakeover's avatar
I felt stupid and confused when I saw Zev then realized he somehow is at the final battle...
Edzio070633's avatar
I like how Bethany and Merrill look back at them :3
purplesabermoose's avatar
I would have prefered he kept his gauntlets on. -sexy growl-
tabriswarden's avatar
Geez, get a room, you two!

I really like this image, though. It feels very majestic.
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