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North and South

'I believe I have seen hell and it's white, it's snow-white.'
North & South

black and white ill. [link]
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This artwork is really rather pretty. You drew both characters very nicely and with a wonderful likeness to the actors. I love the atmosphere you've created here too - There's a subtle warmth, coldness, romanticism, and fading out that sets it apart from other North & South works. You colored it very nicely too. Good depiction. :cheery: 
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I love that book and mini-series; it's on Netflix
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This is so amazing - it captures the feel of the story so perfectly! Love it!!
Beautiful in all ways!
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Wonderful ! Nice job !Nod 
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Beautiful artwork
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oh my god this is so beutiful! i cried the whole time i was watching this! :")
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Not to mention the lovely picture above it.


You are a very good painter.
I love the style; them both in their own worlds, but still in the same picture... MAGNIFICENT!
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This is fantastic!! I loved the show so much and this captures it really well! (Hopefully there's more to come? C:)
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Oh, this is lovely!
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Guhh! That is so gorgeous!!
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BAH!!! Perfect!
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I loved this show and loved this drawing <3
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North and South. :heart:
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Beautiful. You caught their facial expression very well
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Unfortunately, I have yet to see this mini-series. From what I'm hearing from most people though is that it's a very, very good story =)
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Absolutely loved the ending to this mini-series. Lovely illustration :)
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