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Fell Beast Head Study

By DargonXKS
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I drew this shortly after seeing the second LotR, and after I finished reading the book. I thought that this head would look so much better than the ones in the movies.
This was also practice in drawing the same creature, in the same pose, from two slightly different angles.
Bic ball point pen
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SH9DOWHobbyist Digital Artist

Pssst, you're right, this would look better.
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Thank you!
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SH9DOWHobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome :)
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the detail on this pic is wonderfull grate job
Gothickatchina's avatar
your welcome :)
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Wow, this picture is so...so brilliant!
Bucking Frilliance!
Talent, you has it xD
I want to go hug a fell beast now x3
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Ha thanks, an oldie but a goodie.
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With age comes greatness.
Like in wine. Older it is, better it is (I think)

Still an awesome fell beast.
I need to start a Fell beast hugging campain. Now.
Wanna join? xD
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a small masterpiece!
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you're more than welcome!
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That's awesome! but I'm still partial to the ones from the movie.
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I liked everything but the heads of the ones in the movies. They weren't faithful to the books at all, thus I doodled these up. Thanks.
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ArtKitt-CreationsProfessional Digital Artist
Wow nice!:)
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DSilStudent General Artist
Wow, excellent rendering and design! The shadows look very believable.
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Thank you! I took more time than usual on those shadows. Guess it paid off.
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Master-of-the-BootHobbyist Writer
It looks like a vulture. Very fitting.
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Indeed, that was the intent. Thanks.
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dude these are sweet

i agree they deffinately should have used these in the movie
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Thanks and glad ya agree with me! :D
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thomcomstockHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very, very Fine work! And thank you for the favorite on "Velociraptors - In Detail".

I am very impressed with your work and this is only the first I've looked closely at. I need to go through your Gallery one piece at a time. I would suggest that you get a Print account if you have not done so already and market your site outside of here. Yes, I would love to paint some of these creatures! If I didn't already have 82 more paintings and their various permutations racing about in my head, I definitely would.
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