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February 3, 2015
Darey-Dawn brings the book characters from The First Law trilogy to life with her striking interpretations of the characters.
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The First Law trilogy

I have read all  books of Joe Abercrombie in the spring (except "Half a King", I read it now), I love it! He's a great writer!
Decided to draw fanart to  "The First Law" trilogy.
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wazzer's avatar

Any possibility to buy this (and best served cold) as prints? They're amazing.

jflaxman's avatar

I'd pretty much given up on fantasy when a friend recommended The First Law trilogy 11 years ago. Abercrombie got me back into the genre and remains one of my favourite authors.

I joined DA around the same time and there was hardly any fanart then. Congrats on a well-deserved DD!

Lesson learned: never trust a man with no hair. Great art for a great trilogy!

This is so stunning! The best First Law fanart I've seen...

Uruk1's avatar
Awesome, I'm having a hard time finding literary fantsy art that isn't Lord of the Ring or Song of Ice and Fire
RenoTurkXII's avatar
This is by far the most badass First Law piece of art in existence. I wish you would do more, so bad. Please do a piece from The Heroes like you did with Best Served Cold, which I also love.
Arnor02's avatar
yeah, a picture including wyrrun of blight cannot in anyways be bad =)
Limon4Rock's avatar
Вот какую обложку я бы хотел увидеть в переиздании книги "Кровь и Железо". Жаль, что издательство не хочет потратиться на хороший арт и тем самым терпит убытки. Не понимаю я их.
Breathtaking!! Love it
KittyHMommy's avatar
Stunning! And you look and you know who each character is! I love this.
BloodyNyne's avatar
Loved this series, Amazing job bringing the characters to life!
StillVisage's avatar
Very nice, I love this series!
AngryMiro's avatar
Wow, this is probably the best fanart I've ever seen for this (amazing) series, congratulations!
Ishtar-DeadAngel's avatar
wow amazing!!! I'm reading half king too
Catoya's avatar
Great trilogy, great fanart < 3
biffyc7's avatar
I love Glotka. He's such an amazing character
Jongi13's avatar
Holy fuck..this is on another level..Holy shit... the mood the details....seriously fuuuugin hell. All the characters are sooo spot on. the bllod off the crown too OH, then the inquisitors... no its all too much ive got to have a sit down. Oh I am ..okaay.
Oh and congrads on the DD
redddexter's avatar
Your fanart is better than the novels.
Amazing! Best representation of the trilogy I've seen on the whole internet. I love the look and pose of each character, they're just as I imagined them. Please do more in the future! I'm sure everyone would really appreciate it. Incredible artist and books. Thank you!
dejan-delic's avatar
Great depiction of a great trilogy. You're really catch that dynamic sense of a written word.
Rudh's avatar
awesome fan art for an awesome series of books :D
RobertAWing's avatar
I love it! Is there a list of who all is who in this? I recognize most of them, but some are a bit hard to pick out!
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