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Finding Nemo

I decided to go crazy and draw something like  Marlin and Dory would look like if they were people. Nemo 
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Dory looks so fabulous :)
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This is so awesome! So original!
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I always thought that he'd have a malformed arm
Itecontest's avatar
malformed fin handicapped his swimming - human equivalent would be handicapped walking - thus the crutch
Vengefulpadre's avatar
oh, I thought it was his arm and the back fin was his legs, but I suppose a club foot is more "suitable" than a horribly malformed hand.
Comissari's avatar
Really awesome concepts! I love it!
Zankat91's avatar
Жжете, однако. Восторг, а не арт.
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Tad creepy but cool.
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IngvildSchageArt's avatar
That's just.... creepy! Cus they do look JUST like the fish versions! HOW?!
PocketMonsterLover86's avatar
omg.......YES!! looove
EquestriaGurl77's avatar
dory is just the best part of all this. I just... It's just BRILLIANT! 
thormanoftunder's avatar
Great concept!
Excellent artwork!
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This is WONDERFUL!!!!
I love seeing how people "humanize" animals or anthros, and you did it very well! 
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i think it's awesome, i really loved the textures, they are wonderful.
but two things i don't like- his right arm inside the pants- there should be a hint of an arm, like a triangular shape of skin because the pants and the sleeve look sowed together, too perfect. second thing, her face is wonderful! but i feel like the backdrop behind her should be darker because it's hard to see it, everything is too light.
besides these two i really like it!!
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Thanks for the comment) Yes, I agree, there are some errors:) (Smile) 
OmriKoresh's avatar
sure, i really liked your gallery.
CheckeredCaique's avatar
Oh wow this is awesome! I love how you did Dory haha
TheRockyCrowe's avatar
Awesome! But personally..If Dory was human J Pictured she'd be the sterrotypival, slightly smart -but mostly dumb blonde with blue highlights XD lol
Darey-Dawn's avatar
Looool) Maybe :D (Big Grin) Wink/Razz 
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Я обожаю твое усердие! Потрясающие работы! Но это, это просто чудо!!! :)
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