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I plan to update today. I am going to scan a bunch of stuff up and then I should be posting. I have a couple pics and some gaia art that I have done.

Hopefully this will get me back in the swing of things to update more often.


Fri Jan 13, 2006, 10:44 AM

Today is my birthday! Yay!

So far I have had four bday calls of singing!

I am getting over the flu- so Im still weak and tired and with the iffy stomach.... bleh...

So it could be better. Could be worse too...


I havent been on in over 8 weeks!

Wow Im bad-......OOOPPSSS!!

I missed you guys- Work owns my life so I didnt come on. I promise to get my act together and update art wise this week. lol If I dont die. LOL


My birthday is in 3 days for anyone who cares.
Going to get some soup to eat-

Something yummy (i hope) Ihave been feeling down in the dumps with my sniffly nose and coughing so soup it is!!

Posted some deviations and a few more scraps-

After soup time I plan to scan a few more things up and post them

I love my kitty, she was soo made when I took the picture of her!!

I gots a bite mark to prove it!!!

So i got a new job and now my schedule flip flops- i work nights and sleep days-

Been a blast but the time flies-

For halloween I think I finally came up with a good idea for a costume- I just need to go to hot topic and buy my slut heels and then find the wig I want.

I plan to do some serious scanning this week both for comic and for here- I have paintings and crap that I can post- well Im off....
Looks like Ill have to go back to inking and shit...

Crap Cakes

The pages are coming out too light when keen uploads em - so Viola! Ill end up inking or at the least penning my pages- I really do hate doing that because I can go back and change a page once it is inked..


So anyho.,,,,

I gots me a snake

His name:

Sir Fredrick Gifildafish of Timbak Two

just because I can
So I posted a few more photos I took- Im going to get around to posting a Pix of my cat- I have to scale the image down and crop out the back ground that got into it-

I am going to be having scanner fun later on tonight- hopefully so the comic will have new pages all week long and hell for the rest of the month at the least- well as long as I get into the site to update the time of posting-

anyway- so lack of motivation to do real work has led me here to do all work that I just want to do- So -

thats fun-

I joined a few clubs- the L-Lives spoiler club- and the Hella-toes L fan club-

Ill get around to a few more clubs soon- maybe....

I want to edit a few of my hand done images first before posting them- most will just hit the scrapes area- cause to me they arent good enough- So we shall see-
For the few hours since I have been here I have met some really amazing people- I should have done this sooner-

I just have to finish scanning all the art works I want to post and edit them-

This has been pretty great so far- I also found out about a manga that was new to me- "Death Note" its very good

I am excited to see where it goes in the future.

Thanks to everyone who has commented to me

So this is my first post here! I figured that I would leave my sheltered little non- public image posting shell and start trying new things. So I just have to scan a bunch of things up and that will be great. I've been working all the time on my  comic pages so hopefully that will come with great response. ^_^