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ll The basics of kisekae Lesson 1 ll
Today we will start lesson 1 for kisekae for beginners. In today's lesson we will go over the basic functions in kisekae and what they are and do before we actually start customizing your first doll. Let's begin shall we?
When you load of the screen for kisekae it will load and depending on which browser your using will load faster than the other. I recommend using either google chrome or internet explorer but firefox might work.

When it loads for you the opening screen will look like this. This is the template that you will work on unless you have bases that you can use but that is for later.

The tabs at the bottom are used to customize the dolls, when you click one of the tabs an arrow will appear on top of the dolls which represents which one of them you selected and which one you will be customizing. There are a total of 9 dolls to customize.

The tab I just clicked is to select
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DeviantArt by Indiron DeviantArt :iconindiron:Indiron 678 56
deviantART notepad suggestion by nk-chan deviantART notepad suggestion :iconnk-chan:nk-chan 557 311 DA: Making it Harder to Report Art Theft by Reitanna-Seishin DA: Making it Harder to Report Art Theft :iconreitanna-seishin:Reitanna-Seishin 178 0 dreams inside by arwen222 dreams inside :iconarwen222:arwen222 296 40 Tutorial: by Pascua-Tanya Tutorial: :iconpascua-tanya:Pascua-Tanya 179 121
Paid Name Changes
Dear deviantArt Staff,
I've been virgino0owhore for nine years. While I understand I can just create a new account if I want a new name, I feel that this is a waste. I would have to move every piece of work over to this new account, re-favorite over 3,000 favorites and rewatch my current watch list. It's simply not worth it all because of 14 letters. 
Not to mention, I lead a club against name wasting, making getting a new account hypocritical. It seems more practical to allow members to pay to change their name. This prevents the wasting of names that can't be removed because they have history on them. It also gives deviantArt a new revenue source. 
Naturally you couldn't choose a taken name but, the act of paying for a name change is common in internet society and amongst gaming communities as well. The price varies but is usually around 15 U.S. dollars, and whatever that may translate into. 
How would a user change his/her name?
:bulletgreen: They could access
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The new White Queen
Yuuki Asuna found herself holding a black sword, standing in a battlefield.
Lying around her was all the enemy she slain - really slain. The smell of blood and flesh were so really that made her even more exciting.
Not like a online game.
The rest of the enemies were so frightened to attack her. Asuna just slowly walked before one of the fighter with a cruel smile.
"Knee down before your queen, NOW!!" she shouted.
All the enemies just threw their weapons and Knee down around Asuna.
Asuna laughed with pleasure. Yes, the other people were just lower than her! She should rule them all, she should be a queen......A real queen!
Suddenly, Asuna was awoken in her room.
It was still midnight, and she just woke up from a nightmare.......
"Or a sweetest dream you ever have?" a woman's voice came from the dark.
Asuna was scared by that voice, she jumped up from her bed and stared at the dark corner in her room.
A Woman came out from the shadow with a cold, cruel smile.
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TWICE PNG Pack {Lost Tale} HD by soshistars TWICE PNG Pack {Lost Tale} HD :iconsoshistars:soshistars 191 34
Long Ass Numbered OC Meme Blank
Pick 13 sorry mother fuckers Characters and do this meme using them! >8D
Replace the banks in the half circle thingies with the character's name!!
Put them in a random order!! Go!
1. Describe 6 (____) and 11 (____)'s relationship in one word!
2. 8 (____) decided to have a house party while everyone was gone! How did that go for him/her? What happened when the others returened?
3. 1 (____) is kidnapped and the kidnapper demands a ransom from everyone. After pitching in, what does everyone have to offer the kidnapper??
4. 5 (____), 8 (____), 9 (____), and 2 (____) now have their own unique company to get some money back after that kidnapping incident! What company have they made? How does it go?
5. 4 (____)'s guilty pleasure?
6. 13 (____) and 1 (____) got drunk and woke up next to eachother. Haha, how does it go after the two wake up? Did they actually do ANYTHING? XD
7. Oh, God. 7 (____) and 11 (____) have
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'Self Suspension' from DA by ViscountDevil 'Self Suspension' from DA :iconviscountdevil:ViscountDevil 1,747 949
Como instalar Topaz Clean
Chics ya vi que le borraron el topaz clean a quien lo subió así que lo subí en una pagina mía para que podáis bajarlo... espero que no lo borren -.- y ya os digo que este topaz NO ES MIO! si al dueño que se lo borraron le molesta que lo suba que me lo diga y lo borro =)
Descarga Topaz clean
Dos personas me preguntaron como se instala el topaz clean :B así que voy a decirlo aquí aunque la verdad se instala como un programa normal o.O
• Primero: Yo el mio lo baje de aqui
podéis buscaros otro link porque este da un poco la lata pero bueno xD tiene el serial y todo eso que hace falta para instalarlo :)
• Segundo: Si tenéis el photoshop abierto cerrarlo porque hay que instalarlo con el cerrado :B
- Una vez cerrado el photoshop instaláis el topaz clean (como cualquier programa xD) y bueno se instala y eso, ahora abrís el photosh
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Nanny Bot
At a simple house in a suburban town, there seemed to be a conversation going on between three people. The first of these three was Olga, an adult woman and mother to the other two in the room. She had very light blond hair along with green eyes. She wore a black dress with equally black shoe.
A young girl by the name of Naomi stood next to her mother and listened to the conversation. She wore a cute pink T-shirt and a skirt with brown shoes. Under the skirt, she wore a diaper. She, like her mother, also had light blond hair and green eyes.
The third of the three in the room was a young adult man named Kikoo. He had brown hair, a small beard, and green eyes. Kikoo wore some plain jeans and a white T-shirt. He was the brother of Naomi and the son of Olga.
"So why do you need to buy a robot nanny to look after Naomi again?" Kikoo asked Olga.
"Because I don't trust you to look after her yourself." Olga responded. "So I'm going to buy the Nanny Bot to look after Naomi while I'm at work."
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