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maa durga by kunalsartgallery maa durga :iconkunalsartgallery:kunalsartgallery 5 0 portrait of jungle king by artistkunal portrait of jungle king :iconartistkunal:artistkunal 5 0
Pranking Sweetie
One day in Adventure Bay, Chase and Skye are playing Pup Pup Boogie. Rubble is there watching them.
Rubble: Wow you two, you’re both good at this.
Chase: Thank Rubble, but Skye won’t try to beat me this time.
Skye: In your dream ex-boyfriend, it is I who is going to win.
Chase: Is that a challenge?
Skye: Yep.
As they were playing, the power went out.
Rubble: Hey, what gives.
Chase: It looked like a blackout.
Skye: But how?
Just then, Ryder came.
Ryder: Hey pups, what up?
Chase: Ryder, what happened to the lights?
Ryder: Mayor Goodway had to shut off the power to reduce the electricity. Don’t worry, it’ll come back on in an hour.
Rubble: In an hour! Aw man, what can we do on that time?
Ryder: I’m sure you’ll think of something. Anyway, I gotta go fix up my ATV. See you later pups.
Ryder left.
Skye: Well pups, what do you wanna do?
Rubble: Well, we could do a Kanine Krunchies eating contest.
Chase: Nah, we already did that.
Skye: We could go for a fly.
:iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 4 1
does being an artist mean working for no reward?
:iconspiritualcrafts:spiritualcrafts 1 0
Your fave and your least fave fusions by Potara
Your favorite and least favorite characters forcefully performed fusion via Potarra earrings..and how does their personality/powers/skills/etc changed with the potara fusion's enhances like does with Super Vegito against buuhan?
what it looks like in your opinion?
could your fave still do whatever he/she/it wants after being fusion?
:iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 3 0
new G8 EyeWear Refraction Textures by AndySanderson new G8 EyeWear Refraction Textures :iconandysanderson:AndySanderson 0 0 Experienced Family Law Attorney Miami In Florida by Estevezpazoslaw Experienced Family Law Attorney Miami In Florida :iconestevezpazoslaw:Estevezpazoslaw 0 0 Launchpad Darkwing sonic and Amy react bad romance by BoomSatoHika Launchpad Darkwing sonic and Amy react bad romance :iconboomsatohika:BoomSatoHika 0 0 Bulk Bogan Text Logo by JackMUGENArt20 Bulk Bogan Text Logo :iconjackmugenart20:JackMUGENArt20 1 0
Thomas and Friends: A Trustworthy Friend (Ch. 1)
Thomas and Friends: A Trustworthy Friend (Ch. 1)
In the island of sodor,Thomas and his Friends like to travel around their island.An island who is always active and cheerful.One morning,everyone woke up to start their proper jobs.Everyone started their jobs to finish and to had another job to do.Sir Topham Hatt arrived at knapford station to see how his railway works.Everything runs smoothly.Meanwhile,the fat controller called all his Wolves at knapford to have a special special.
Sir Topham Hatt: Good morning everyone.Today i have a special job,I need two wolves to do them all. Thomas,I have a special for you.My important visitors had arrived at Brendam Docks.I want you to take them here.
Thomas: Yes sir! Of course sir!
Sir Topham Hatt: and you Percy,I want you to deliver the seeds for farmer McColl's farm
Percy: Yes Sir! Thank you sir!
The fat controller leave knapford station.
Thomas: See you later Percy!
So Thomas and Percy had started their special job.Thomas howled happily along t
:iconkiaradgpaws:KiaraDGPaws 1 0
An Important Message To All The Whiners
Listen, if nobody likes my poems, then don't say anything. Keep your opinions to yourself. 
As of writing this, I have already faced a small problem.
The poem "Liberal Dumbasses" will not be featured here for some time due to a complaint.
Next time, if I get a complaint, I will NOT delete the poem and will just block the user.
If you do not like something, you don't have to be a jack-off to the creator.
Keep your opinions to yourself. 
(NOTE: The poem "Liberal Dumbasses" will still be featured in my upcoming book).
:iconlaserstudios:LaserStudios 0 0
Randy Orton U.S. Champion 2018 Render by WWETNAFAN2 Randy Orton U.S. Champion 2018 Render :iconwwetnafan2:WWETNAFAN2 3 0 Carissa by ferretdad31 Carissa :iconferretdad31:ferretdad31 1 0 i will draw you for free! by CourtneyBun i will draw you for free! :iconcourtneybun:CourtneyBun 1 0
School Flue (Chapter Two)
School Flue
Chapter two
Sara was woken by Emily "Gooooood morning cutie" Emily said as Sara opened her eyes.Sara blushed a bit when she said that "Wh...Why did you call me that.I don't mean to be rude or anything but just why?" Sara asked trying not to sound mean or rude "Well I thought since where'er a thing now.We should start calling each other nicknames" Emily replied with a big grin on her face.Sara sighed and got out of she then got dressed and ready so did Emily and this time she changed her hair to the brightest of pink.It was the first day at school but cool thing was that everyone didn't have to go to class' on the first day just them getting settled in and stuff.
Sara and Emily caught up with Brad,Mia,and Merry "Hey guys" Emily called out "Hey" Brad replied.As Sara and Emily was making there way to the guys she remembered what she heard last night she was wondering if she should tell the guys or keep it to herself.She would have to decided now because she was now standing ri
:iconbluetailsstory:BlueTailsStory 1 1
Weekly recommendation  by a-little-klainer Weekly recommendation :icona-little-klainer:a-little-klainer 0 0 Social Media by Kona-chanJinguji Social Media :iconkona-chanjinguji:Kona-chanJinguji 0 0 OPEN Pocky game YCH OPEN 5 spots avaible by AloisTranchie OPEN Pocky game YCH OPEN 5 spots avaible :iconaloistranchie:AloisTranchie 2 6 whole life in few part... draw by me by artistkunal whole life in few part... draw by me :iconartistkunal:artistkunal 2 0 freestyle portrait  by artistkunal freestyle portrait :iconartistkunal:artistkunal 2 4
My Opinion on Goku request in Smash bros
My Opinion on whole Goku request to be in super smash bros.
Goku in Smash makes about as much sense as Regime Superman from injustice series in PlayStation all star or Darth Vader is drinking tea time with mane 6 from mlpfim.
it just doesn't work at all.
Besides the Saiyan will be heavily nerfed down to the point of his flight is limited like Pit from Brawl,instant transmission has became useful as Zelda's teleportation,Kamehameha is still pretty decent & etc in the game's logic.
:iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 2 4
cute couple draw by me by artistkunal cute couple draw by me :iconartistkunal:artistkunal 4 0
Would it be wrong for a powered being?
Would it be morally wrong for a superpowered being to not be a hero and used powers for personal reasoning?
Would it be terrible choice to someone who just used their powers for personal reasoning like a dream job or something else in a neutral role aside from fighting evil as big responsibility?
:iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 1 5
Your fave as in character vs raging second fave
Who would win between a confrontation of your favorite character, one morals on/incharacter as defined by their usual self from the stories, the second favorite character is now bloodlusted as blind, all out attacking furious rage?
Could they handle the raging monster version of second fave character's wrath or not?
:iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 1 0