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Paid Name Changes
Dear deviantArt Staff,
I've been virgino0owhore for nine years. While I understand I can just create a new account if I want a new name, I feel that this is a waste. I would have to move every piece of work over to this new account, re-favorite over 3,000 favorites and rewatch my current watch list. It's simply not worth it all because of 14 letters. 
Not to mention, I lead a club against name wasting, making getting a new account hypocritical. It seems more practical to allow members to pay to change their name. This prevents the wasting of names that can't be removed because they have history on them. It also gives deviantArt a new revenue source. 
Naturally you couldn't choose a taken name but, the act of paying for a name change is common in internet society and amongst gaming communities as well. The price varies but is usually around 15 U.S. dollars, and whatever that may translate into. 
How would a user change his/her name?
:bulletgreen: They could access
:iconxehara:Xehara 479 721
Long Ass Numbered OC Meme Blank
Pick 13 sorry mother fuckers Characters and do this meme using them! >8D
Replace the banks in the half circle thingies with the character's name!!
Put them in a random order!! Go!
1. Describe 6 (____) and 11 (____)'s relationship in one word!
2. 8 (____) decided to have a house party while everyone was gone! How did that go for him/her? What happened when the others returened?
3. 1 (____) is kidnapped and the kidnapper demands a ransom from everyone. After pitching in, what does everyone have to offer the kidnapper??
4. 5 (____), 8 (____), 9 (____), and 2 (____) now have their own unique company to get some money back after that kidnapping incident! What company have they made? How does it go?
5. 4 (____)'s guilty pleasure?
6. 13 (____) and 1 (____) got drunk and woke up next to eachother. Haha, how does it go after the two wake up? Did they actually do ANYTHING? XD
7. Oh, God. 7 (____) and 11 (____) have
:icontira--misu:Tira--Misu 342 125
Why the new dA logo fails by Earldense Why the new dA logo fails :iconearldense:Earldense 165 51
¿Como conseguirla?
Tienes ganas de dibujar, pero no sabes que dibujar o sientes que necesitas dibujar por que llevas tiempo sin hacer nada. (Esto también puede aplicar a los diseñadores, quieres diseñar algo pero no sabes que hacer o como hacerlo).
Bueno yo voy a la idea de que todos funcionamos de distinta manera, por lo cual no sirve que hagamos lo mismo siempre, necesitamos ciertas herramientas para lograr nuestro cometido
A ver que es lo que podemos hacer para conseguir la tan anhelada "Inspiración" voy a ir dando temas o situaciones por las cuales podemos conseguir inspiración de alguna manera que sea fácil y entretenido, sera extenso pero creo que es necesario saber o reconsiderar algunas cosas.
Derrepente somos de los que nos quedamos en casa y no somos de salir mucho, por lo cual hay cosas de las que nos perdemos lo recomendable en este caso es hacer salidas cortas ir a dar una vuelta les diría que fuera de poco minutos, pero les
:iconhearthmy:Hearthmy 78 54
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