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Randy Orton 2018 Render by WWETNAFAN2 Randy Orton 2018 Render :iconwwetnafan2:WWETNAFAN2 9 0
Party Animal
(Girl to cat)
My name is Jessica but most people call me Jess for short this is about the story how my life changed.
It started when me and my roommate David went to a garage sale they were selling everything there nintendo consoles and games, old 80's clothes, a old TV and old toys basically old stuff.I then found a box full of costumes and there was one that intrigued me the most there was a black headband with semicircles on top they were suppose to be ears and there was a black belt with a long black rope that was to resemble a tail.This was perfect because a few days ago I had bin invited to a halloween party and needed a costume so this was perfect so went to go pay for the costume.I had put the costume on the the table were the person who was in charge of the garage sale the person was a old lady she had short grey hair and wore dark clothes you would mistake her for some evil witch nun the less I was willing to pay "So how much is it for the costume" I asked she looked at me wi
:iconbluetailsstory:BlueTailsStory 7 0
Page viewes till -17th March, 2018 by Tasty-muffin Page viewes till -17th March, 2018 :icontasty-muffin:Tasty-muffin 3 0
Survival in Adventure Bay
First you see us, then you don't
Now you hear us, now you won't
[Arrby and Tracker]
It's our secret of survival in Adventure Bay
Now you feel us, now you can't
Are we real? Perhaps we aren't?
[Sweetie and Skye]
It's our secret of survival in Adventure Bay
It's our secret of survival in Adventure Bay
Is it really just some Adventure Bay?
Oh yes, a very nasty world indeed
Nastier than you could ever dream of
From the Lookout to the farm
Spiders sting you till you're harm
[Rocky and Everest]
Ready to attack you, you're a snack you'd better run!
[Chase and Sweetie]
Don't come walking in Adventure Bay if you haven't got you gear
Ha haha haha ha.
Every pups for survival has to be ready for action
Grab your vehicles and get your gears to start determiination
[Paw Patrol]
You're in Adventure Bay, and every pups could tell you that you got no business to be here!
First y
:iconarvinsharifzadeh:arvinsharifzadeh 3 1
What if Superman was raised by a minion of Frieza?
What If Superman was raised by a minion of Frieza?
Instead of landing in dc's Smallvile, Superman's spaceship passes through a rift in space that take's him from the Dc universe to DBZ's universe were he crash lands in one of owned planets by Frieza were he's raised as a new dangerous warrior by Frieza's nameless soldier, and as a new bodyguard of the frieza family.
Imagined Superman as frieza's minion during the revival of F arc be like?
:iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 1 6
new G8 EyeWear Refraction Textures by AndySanderson new G8 EyeWear Refraction Textures :iconandysanderson:AndySanderson 0 0 my thoughts on the weird sonic fetish art by marioandsonicfan04 my thoughts on the weird sonic fetish art :iconmarioandsonicfan04:marioandsonicfan04 2 0 Talmich Plumbing Heating by talmichplumbing Talmich Plumbing Heating :icontalmichplumbing:talmichplumbing 0 0 | MMD | Hatsune Miku 3 by Jeimseu19 | MMD | Hatsune Miku 3 :iconjeimseu19:Jeimseu19 5 1 Don't mess with Saryn by DuskGuardKnight Don't mess with Saryn :iconduskguardknight:DuskGuardKnight 0 0 Lisa by cforsure Lisa :iconcforsure:cforsure 1 0 Conduit Stainless Steel Pipe Hanger by mariabond6162 Conduit Stainless Steel Pipe Hanger :iconmariabond6162:mariabond6162 0 0
My Top 10 Racing Games that need to be remastered
1. Burnout Dominator
2. Need For Speed: Underground 2
3. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010)
4. Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005)
5. Need For Speed: Carbon
6. Need For Speed: Prostreet
7. Need For Speed: Undercover
8. Midnight Club: Los Angeles
9. Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights
10. Need For Speed: Shift (1 & 2)
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Selfie by derfurherteufel Selfie :iconderfurherteufel:derfurherteufel 0 0 Axis powers plus chibitalia by AloisTranchie Axis powers plus chibitalia :iconaloistranchie:AloisTranchie 0 0 Blizzard by ferretdad31 Blizzard :iconferretdad31:ferretdad31 2 0 Mario vs Metal Fight Scene by Studio8558 Mario vs Metal Fight Scene :iconstudio8558:Studio8558 2 4
An Important Message To All The Whiners
Listen, if nobody likes my poems, then don't say anything. Keep your opinions to yourself. 
As of writing this, I have already faced a small problem.
The poem "Liberal Dumbasses" will not be featured here for some time due to a complaint.
Next time, if I get a complaint, I will NOT delete the poem and will just block the user.
If you do not like something, you don't have to be a jack-off to the creator.
Keep your opinions to yourself. 
(NOTE: The poem "Liberal Dumbasses" will still be featured in my upcoming book).
:iconlaserstudios:LaserStudios 0 0
Dragon Head 2.0 by AustinandOdy Dragon Head 2.0 :iconaustinandody:AustinandOdy 1 0
Top 20 Locomotives that should be in Trainz 2 iOS
20. Southern Pacific AC-9
19. Strausburg 90
18. Metra F40C
17. Union Pacific Veranda Turbine
16. Illinois Central GP11
15. PRR K4
14. Amtrak AEM-7
13. PRR GG-1
12. Union Pacific 4-4-0
11. Southern 4501
10. Savanna and Atlanta 750
9.  Reading T-1 4-8-4
8.  Southern Pacific Daylight 4-8-4
7.  Union Pacific Challenger
6. Union Pacific 4-8-4
5. Amtrak E60
4. Amtrak SDP40F
3. The rest of the Union Pacific Heritage fleet including the Olympic units and 1943
2. Frisco 1522
1. Norfolk and Western 611
:icongrantrules:Grantrules 0 0
A world in Fantasy AU
So, let's begin. Sorry for bad english.
This world is a fantasy world where angels and demons life together in peace, sometimes they are fighting but manly they're good for each other. Beside angels and demons there life a monsters, witches, fairies and others creatures.
This world rules the strongest angel(still thinking who is can be) and the strongest demon-Tom. No one knows how old they are. Tom is a asshole cause he is kinda "married" with this angel but he got so many lovers.
Now explenation a think what was in Monika's Fantasy AU REF. Angels in this universe can louse their powers by having sex or by masturbating theirselfs. And if you wonder, they make kids by their love. And a demons well, they aren't lousing powers. But they mostly like sex.
Any ideas for more info???
:iconmonikasxd:MonikasXD 0 0
Amy rose by Marycat112233 Amy rose :iconmarycat112233:Marycat112233 0 0 Kitchen Renovations by troysbailey Kitchen Renovations :icontroysbailey:troysbailey 0 0