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War Paint

Afterwork sketch. I like peace :)

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:bonklers: This is SOO COOL

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why you dont do new videos on youtube ?
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I can't focus on anything else but that red dot..
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i didnt even see the red dot till i saw your comment lol
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Looks more like a dystopian future.
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Świateł i cieni, są bardzo dobrze wykonane. Ciebie udało się nadać spektakularny ponury. Świetna robota. Clap Clap Clap 

and shadows, are very well made. You've been able to give a spectacular gloomy. Great job.
Clap Clap Clap

Tanto las luces como los sombreados, están muy bien conseguidos. Le has sabido dar un aspecto lúgubre espectacular. Gran trabajo.Clap Clap Clap 
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Love the dark, serious tone of the scene.
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The choppers whirr past the broken buildings, torches scanning the area for hidden snipers. The gunners keep their fingers at the trigger, tensely expecting a bullet to whizz past.
Loaded heavily with guns and missiles, the vehicles zip through the destroyed cityscape. They pass by a towering wall painted with the sign for peace.
All who see this scene can't help a wry smile at fate's twisted sense of humor.
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This is cool! Awesome work! :)
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what can i say ? it's amazing that's all ! *^*
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Out to kill hippies?
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Love it, mate! But what's that red dot in the middle of it all?
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