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October 13, 2014
I'm amazed by what the artist has achieved in this painting: the intensity of the riot, the fantastic architectural design, and the landscape stretching out as far as the eye can see. Incredible!

Riot by daRoz 
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I am preparing my own professional Online Classes for creating Environment Concept Arts for Games & Movies. I will focus mostly on environment design and delivering desired mood for the productions. Let me know in the comments below if you are interested? :)))

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Basiclybacon's avatar
So that's either An American Flag Or I found waldo
GELLIART's avatar
----> Queen is the detail <--- 
SirenDrake's avatar
I can't really tell what the people are doing, but the city looks very good.  I especially like how there is clearly a slum area of town full of shabby, rundown houses, and then there is the more affluent area with elaborate, beautiful, elegant buildings.
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kevinthekoalagod's avatar
Freedom or we riot! <--- twitch chat
CRWardenArt's avatar
when do we sign up for classes?
Pitsh's avatar
love your city / environment paintings. you just do the right strokes :)
Wonderful, feel like I was in ! :)
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

Arkydos's avatar
First of: Awesome Art! I absolutely love the Atmosphere. 

Also to answer your question: Yes I'd be very interested! =D 
avyclair's avatar
I wound be interested :D 
Lunitidal's avatar
Wow, your art is amazing! Congrats on the DD!
Husain602's avatar
i'm interested darek :D
Husain602's avatar
level up in youtube?
greatyu's avatar
Oh i would do anything to play a game with such great art!
Excellent piece~
A-noureldin's avatar
Wooooow.. Thats amazing I think I've fainted. 
MiamoryHJ's avatar
Your work is stunning!!! Congrats in DD! that mood!! it is amazing! and awesome idea about classes!! I wonder if they will be only for professionals..
NAStrydom's avatar
Yes I am interested in learning about Environment design!
Ahrrhd's avatar
This is absolutely amazing!! O.O
LostbunniesofWendy's avatar
Man, I love this details blackgrounds. They are tooo amazing to be real and made by humans!
NimrodJaeger's avatar
Well, there goes the neighbourhood.

I mean, like, "there goes, as in, it's getting destroyed and all that…

Sigh… a joke that needs explaining is never a good joke :(

But yeah, awesome pic and good luck on that class thing :D
ThatOneLineArtist's avatar
Heck yeah I'd be interested. Not entirely on the games side, but more of for my own type of story thing! Looks awesome and good luck!!
Clashe's avatar
Wow! I'd be interested as well 
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