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February 19, 2019
National Geographic - One Strange Rock by daRoz
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National Geographic - One Strange Rock



Project: One Strange Rock (National Geographic)
Client: Framestore/National Geographic
Director: Neil Scholes

Last year I had a chance to help framestore push the look for brand new National Geographic's documentary on the beginnings of our planet. I was designing different sequences showing how the moon, earth and life on earth was created. I learned a lot and deepend my science knowledge, such a fun and educative project!

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Sinperium's avatar
Oh so niiiiiice.

My favorite space pic, ever.
Kris7art's avatar
Really great! 
LindArtz's avatar

Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

SkartlandART's avatar
How did you create this? It’s beautiful!!
wolfzol's avatar
Hm. Well.
This artwork carries in itself a brilliant and painful truth.
I don't know, what's more shocking, how the creation and destruction that is how close to each other, or that how art able to show the beautiful side of the most terrible things.

In other hand, if we approach from a scientific point of view, we can see that, the currently technology and scientific knowledge can't help, if this would happens again. In a few moments, the humanity would disappear, just like the dinosaurs. (If we look this positively , it would have at least two moons of the earth. Whatever its significance. O_o)

Was there a strong emotion or thought while creating the picture? For example: respect.

For my part, thank you this beautiful, thoughtful and really impressive  picture.
Megaadair's avatar
That looks awesome.
WillemSvdMerwe's avatar
Congrats!  Great pic for DD!
dpcdpc11's avatar
Now this is more than a well deserved DD! And congrats on working on such an amazing project... well done Darek ;)
ariya-sacca's avatar
Wonderful! Looks like the formation of the moon?
darekzabrocki's avatar
exactly, that's it! I worked on National Geographic documentary "One Strange Rock" and it was one of many sequences I had to visualize
Tinselfire's avatar
If you do not mind the curiosity, what are those lines on the moon?
Rinkardo's avatar
Amazing man!!!!!!!!! Cool!!
Robo-Artist's avatar
Looks great, but I can't help but think it looks like the earth is popping a giant black-head
Conuiron's avatar
That's pretty crazy!! :+fav:
JustSomeHobo's avatar
I like how the debris looks either like scribbled marker or the freshly exploded ruins of the Death Star, depending on which side of the meteor you're looking at. ;^j
Pawker155's avatar
Who will win?

Earth with 7 billion life form with mass technology, 
some gay rock from space. 
Tinselfire's avatar
Nothing beats rock.
Pawker155's avatar
Rock Emoji What about paper? 
Tinselfire's avatar
Paper is a bit of a wildcard.
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