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Mouse Guard - Owl's Tree

Another Mouse Guard (cancelled movie) art dump. This tree has been some sort of holy tree and one of the key designs for the owl world. Did plenty of iterations, 3d models and eventually saw it being put into action by guys from weta_digital. It looked so f... epic. But what we got is at least some more art haha!
Loads more to come!

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I low-key want to visit this place. It looks spooky but also kinda magical and just.. so natural. <3

lizkatrin's avatar

Coś fantastycznego!

PeteyTheParrot's avatar

amazing!! what's Mouse Guard? :0

geroldFloydia's avatar

thats the fatest ass of all guac

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Holy, this is amazing. I love the mysterious and fantastical aura the place gives off. The massive and very likely ancient trees definitely carry a lot of history behind it, and the amount of space can make it quite a location to settle a village at. I can see what may be flying water particles just on the edge of the clear area, suggesting a river or body of water would be there. There is enough light passing through the trees where the dimness actually feels comfortable. Just simply, wow. Well done.

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Awesome tone and feeling

FritzGessler's avatar

absolutely great

Love the contrast between light and shadows and the ominous presence in the piece

I really love your composition !!! nice work !

EduLipe's avatar

Awesome work:clap:

karmellu's avatar

Wow, this looks awesome :o

Nomak-Gamak's avatar

One word: B E A U T Y

HunterArlen's avatar

It does look holy and ancient and maybe I'm just looking too far into it but I feel it's kind of sinister... It's all so old and dusty like something that was locked away and the dark frame with the little people, almost like something's watching, waiting... Plus the sharp edges and that dark, twisting hole, just waiting until the little people come close and then it'll all snap alive and swallow them whole! If this was a night setting it would definitely feel sinister. And yet it's so inviting and crippled, like old man inviting you to hear his story, how could you say no? It is AMAZING and I don't have a clue what Mouse Guard is but from this shot alone I'm already heart-broken it was cancelled :( But won't stop me LOVING this!

Babsmmo's avatar

very nice "clair-obscur"

Love the atmosphere!

dreamertj's avatar

Got some feeling of Nostalgia

Its Rad asf going on my Desk bruv

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