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Imperial Walkers

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Star Wars inspired before bed sketch

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ZEPHYRDICKYHobbyist General Artist
wow amazing
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So great. A very intimidating and haunting image, with some great use of shading and colouring.
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MidnightW0l1fHobbyist General Artist
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ChriminieHobbyist Digital Artist
Good Lord, man! This is closer to my childhood memory of seeing ESB than actually remembering it...WOW. Absolutely brilliant!
delta-bloup's avatar
delta-bloupHobbyist Traditional Artist
whoa man! this is sooooo munch incredible!
ExTank's avatar
ExTankHobbyist Photographer
Excellent; very atmospheric.
admanryanseitz's avatar
admanryanseitzHobbyist General Artist
fockin incredible mate!
TchaikoGret's avatar
Oh man... The light, and the reflection on the water... It's so beautiful I can't handle it
KDickey83's avatar
KDickey83Professional Photographer
This is superb! 
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ajacoub's avatar
ajacoubProfessional Digital Artist
Always great to see fine Star Wars work
RebellingLemming's avatar
RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great art!
AveragePhotographer's avatar
AveragePhotographerHobbyist Photographer
ByronStoddard's avatar
ByronStoddardHobbyist Digital Artist
WOW! Im blown away by your art! So incredible!
FlyingWhales87's avatar
FlyingWhales87Hobbyist Writer
This is so amazing. 
OffBeatBacon's avatar
OffBeatBaconHobbyist General Artist
I need this on my wall, beautiful!
lenlenlen1's avatar
lenlenlen1Professional General Artist
Oh, just a before bed sketch, eh? No biggie. Just a little something to wind down before beddy-bye, huh?...

...I hate you...
SkyHighArches's avatar
SkyHighArchesProfessional General Artist
This is even more powerful realistic than the actual Star Wars movies. Your work with reflections, color and shadow is brilliant.
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liking this
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Shawnte3Student General Artist
This is well done!
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tlavosHobbyist Digital Artist
omg it's beautiful !
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TheFifthArtofWarHobbyist Photographer
Logic of the empire: Emperor be like: "So Vader, you said that the AT-ATs kicked the rebels ass on Hoth? Mah well, let's never use them in something useful again." <-(I know this only applies for the films, but DANG, why the shit didn't they use them more in the movies? XD I mean those things were almost indestructible...[if you count that ridiculous rope attack out])
solarsky2000's avatar
solarsky2000Hobbyist Artist
Rope attack? Stop the walker and have troops remove the ropes. AT-AT saved. Done.

(works in Starwars Empire At War, though all you need to do is stop a moving AT-AT if it's roped, otherwise it'll trip and you'll loose the valuable transport :3 Probably will work in starwars Battlefront II, though the rope attack always fails as the ship is shot out of the sky by the said AT-AT, or crashing into the nearby one)

(But even though I saw only 1 rope-attack on an AT-AT in the Starwars films,  "Starwars battlefront II" and "Starwars Empre at War" has the AT-AT and the rope-attack... (They may be in other starwars games, but I only have the said 2 games) They seem linked...)
saucer-level-0's avatar
very fine and well accomplished
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