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Fairy Bay


Evening sketch before workshops ;) It's also part of promotional campaign for my FIRST EXHIBITION ever! Please feel free to check out and come by!:…


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A great piece. I feel like I am there, wherever "Fairy Bay" may be. But I also feel the topmost bridge to be surperfluous and crowding. The bridge makes sense from a formal perspective, but it is dissonant with the 'content' or 'material' of the painting...the sparkle...the reasons you called it a "Fairy" bay. I feel like you could have chosen a different counterpole that would match the complexity of the rest of the scene.

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wooow this amazing

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 very cool colors
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I love everything about this piece!!! Great job!
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This is just amazing. I almost can't believe there are people who can make up such wonderful pieces of art!
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Beautiful depth and lighting! How long do your "sketches " take? And how do you render things so quickly and with very few brush-strokes?
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Oh wow I really love this setting! It'd be so cool to see more of this place~ Like different viewpoints and stuff! ^w^ Thank you for drawing something so beautiful and inspiring~!
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I really like this :) Such a calm, quiet, soothing atmosphere!
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Beautiful handling of that soft light, I love the chilly early morning feel of this.
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"You're a wizard harry." that's what i thought. xD love the ambiance.
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Love how unperfect and perfect this is.
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I love this :)
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if it weren't so long a travel, I would come to see your exhibition to see your awesome work! great job!
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I would more envision this being a vampire haven, not far.
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*Fae. Stupid spellchecker.
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amazing work!, love the technique :aww:
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