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Cathedral warm up

Before work warm up ;)

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Ohh "it's just a warm up"! Amazing, man!
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It looks a touch like Union Station in DC. Minus the outside traffic and fruit vendors. And pantless statues that make me giggle because maturity is just a word to me sometimes.
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Excellent painting! The trembling light, the moving silhouettes...
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this is a warm up?! Its brilliant!!!!
awesome work !
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Love your loose style!
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Such amazing apparent detail and all from blocks of color! 0__0 Wonderful atmosphere too! :D
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wonderful atmosphere! 
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I'm gonna have to review my definition of "warm up" ! XD
Amazing work man ! :D
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That's only a warm up?
*cries sadly in a corner*
One day I will get to this level
One day
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Excelent piece Darek, nice atmosphere.
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You're so amazing!

It'd be neat to see if you finished this.
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No but seriously though, are you a wizard
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Looks great o3o
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Well its highly motivational to say the least.
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