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Baptism of POLAND

Mieszko I raising as the first lord and receives baptism of newly formed country to become later known as POLAND.

Newest painting "Baptism of Poland" I made for an exhibition that was opening my Graduation show yesterday. Wanted to do another try/reinterpreation after main painting that is associated with that evening by Jan Matejko that I absolutely love.

So much work and so much fun on that one!

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Lovly and blessed

Excellent work.

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and since then god know whom to trust

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Miesko I was the first historical ruler of Poland, Prior rujlers are only known from a kinglist by an anonymous writer. The Piast dynasty was named after a historically unverified prince named Piast who supposedly succeeded Popiel II of the mythical Leskian dynasty. (C.500 - 842). 
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Is that Sean Bean? 🤔
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Genialne! Trophy  Tak trzymać! Thumbs Up 
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Well, it wasn't the baptism of all of Poland, it really just was Mieszko since we were kinda stubborn when it came to conversion
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Wow!!! you are a great artist!Heart 
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znakomita praca
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Absolutely fantastic! It reaches to the soul and commands respect!! Love 
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Your art work is amazing.
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Bardzo piękny obraz!
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this is amazingly good. Their is nothing to add to this other then its damn straight fantastic.
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Nice work, but I would call it Enslavement of POLAND.
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Go to hell heretic!. U will burn u heretic!.
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Prior to Mieszko I the history of Poland is problematical. The Piast dynasty starts c.800 or so. The line prior to that- ending with Popiel (II ?) may be mythical. That dynasty began c.500, but is likely mythical.
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