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actual tribal

an ACTUAL tribal, as opposed to a black abstract design...
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True tribal all the way!!
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who knew i'd have to wait 9 years to do an authentic tribal?
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looking nice, any meaning ?
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This particular row of triangles are very simple but have a powerful meaning to it. They are shark teeth- rows of shark teeth. As many people believe today, back then people believed sharks to be very powerful creatures. I believe a lot of warriors like to bear the shark teeth tattoos... but that's only what I observed in old photos.

In typical Polynesian culture, sharks are a commonly known powerful "aumakua" or, ancestral guardian. Aumakua are one's ancestors, which in death, go through a ritual to 'come back' as a powerful guardian of their descendants, usually taking the shape of anything ranging from animals to inanimate objects like stones, clouds, or a particular wind. Or sometimes, people may have found powerful deity-creatures that became their aumakua like in the story of Kapoi who gained a powerful pueo (Hawaiian owl) 'aumakua when he returned its eggs to the nest after being confronted by the owl. It's said that one's 'aumakua is the object that appears the most in their life, but then sometimes you just have a knowing feeling- kinda like a familiar feeling when you see a loved one. There is another story of a man whose aumakua was a shark and one day when he was swimming in the ocean, his aumakua didn't recognize him and bit him. When the aumakua realized it was his descendant, he apologized and told him that it will never happen again because the bite marks were on his ankle so he will see it and know not to bite. So people may bear these symbols believing in the protection of the shark. I know quite a few divers wear shark tattoos, my dad is one of them.

You're not limited to just one, like, if you believe a shark is your 'aumakua, that doesn't necessarily mean all sharks are your 'aumakua. And you can have more than one, too. Your family comes a long way so it's possible to have a shark 'aumakua AND a pueo 'aumakua.

Anyway, tattoos tell a story... so there may be a story that the guy and his uncle knows about. Though unlike the other cultures, Hawaiians didn't sport tattoos as a mean of ranks- it was more of a decoration kind of thing, like how most tattoos are these days. Though it still tells a story.

Sorry for the wall of text... I really love my culture and have looked extensively into it. Hopefully it's interesting for you.
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i think so, his uncle in hawaii designed it but i never asked...
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It's funny how people think that this sort of style is pathetic, and that they're black spikes all over their arms is proper tribal! :XD: :clap: Polynesian and Maori all the way babeh!

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i was real excited when he brought it in. i told him it was the first tribal i've ever done
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Haha, aye when the average Joe Blogs looks at somethin like this they'll always be like "Why do you have triangles tattooed on your leg? That's pointless and ugly!". Ironicly, that's the style that started tattooin as we know it! :clap: :lmao:

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