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Just as planned...

ok, I actually managed to make the update this week since all the work I've got isn't due till next week. Hopefully I'll be able to make next Friday too :x

edit: forgot the little name thing "The Real World" always did in these little confessional things
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i'm not understanding what's happening...
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in the background a pair of cultists are attempting to capture the back yard of the house. It's primarily a reference to the Dawn of War series of video games. The last panel is just Absalom talking to a video journal thing that was a staple in reality television shows such as "The Real World" which the comic is partially based off of.
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oooohhh, thanks for clearing that up for me, i was having a bit of trouble understanding it, durpa durp =P
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It just depends on what you're growing I geuss...
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Are the flowers carnivorous?
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I love how he doesn't bother to turn around. He knows that everything is happening as it should.
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death world gardening.. you don't water the plants.. you feed them....
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In Imperial Catachan, Plants feed on You!

(in impression of Soviet Russia)
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Stress relief for Khorne's
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Damn cultists with their squeaky voices and flag-planting...
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As opposed to mechanical voices and carnivorous-plant-planting.
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lmao brilliant :D
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Those blasted cultists are at it again!!

Good comic, he should hire attack squigs soon (have Rip the Ork train them!)

Do I see a reoccuring gag coming soon?
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Hmmm... I think I'd find watching that bush attack people quite theraputic too ^_^
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is he alpha legion or is he one of khorne berserkers?
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he was originally designed to be an Iron Warrior. I've since been debating whether or not I want to include actual established factions in the comic for some of the characters or make new ones. x:
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um... Iron Warriors have infantry????? JKing :D
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ah explains the trapped bush
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Awesome! :w00t: Just like Chaos! :excited:
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