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RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 4 Rankings by DARealityTV RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 4 Rankings :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 2 0 SFC 17 Edgic by DARealityTV SFC 17 Edgic :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 3 1 Mentally Unstable Fire Bro by DARealityTV Mentally Unstable Fire Bro :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 0 0 Survivor Ohio State by DARealityTV Survivor Ohio State :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 2 0 SFC16 Edgic by DARealityTV SFC16 Edgic :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 6 1 Video Game Wars 8 DVD Cover by DARealityTV Video Game Wars 8 DVD Cover :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 3 4 Video Game Wars 7 DVD Cover by DARealityTV Video Game Wars 7 DVD Cover :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 2 0 Video Game Wars 6 DVD Cover by DARealityTV Video Game Wars 6 DVD Cover :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 1 2 Video Game Wars All-Stars DVD Cover by DARealityTV Video Game Wars All-Stars DVD Cover :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 2 0 Video Game Wars 4 DVD Cover by DARealityTV Video Game Wars 4 DVD Cover :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 1 0 Video Game Wars 3 DVD Cover by DARealityTV Video Game Wars 3 DVD Cover :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 1 0 Video Game Wars 2 DVD Cover by DARealityTV Video Game Wars 2 DVD Cover :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 1 0 Video Game Wars 1 DVD Cover by DARealityTV Video Game Wars 1 DVD Cover :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 0 0 Amazing TV Race 1 DVD Cover by DARealityTV Amazing TV Race 1 DVD Cover :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 1 0 Survivor Battles: CBB Voting Chart by DARealityTV Survivor Battles: CBB Voting Chart :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 1 4 Survivor Battles: Celebrity Big Brother Cast by DARealityTV Survivor Battles: Celebrity Big Brother Cast :icondarealitytv:DARealityTV 1 0


RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars 4 Rankings
Episode 1: Overall a solid and fun start to what's sure to be an interesting season. One thing I'm glad to see is the whole "Fairness Pact" mentality seems to be done away with, or at the very least not dominating like it did in the last two. Though that's probably thanks to the fact we don't have a Rulaskatox alliance or an embodiment of OTTP like DeLa to encourage it. As for the girls themselves, I have to say Trinity surprised me. I've never been the biggest fan of hers (though I still need to do a proper watching of S9), and when she described her talent I was ready for her to crash and burn. But she pulled it out. As much as I love Farrah, this wasn't her best episode. Her entrance look is a look we've seen from her a million times and the unfortunate fall on the runway happened. I hope she is able to get out of her head, cuz I really want to see how far she's evolved since her season. All that said though, I still would've put Naomi in the bottom over her. Her performance was boring as hell. Posing is not a talent that you can easily make entertaining, and unlike Trinity she didn't seem to put a lot of effort into doing so. Of course though my (and many other's) preseasons predictions were correct and Jasmine gets the boot first. I had high hopes after seeing her promo look, but I think her overconfidence just got to her. Shame.
SFC 17 Edgic
Let's see if I'll actually keep up with it this time?
So I only got into actually watching CBBUK or any of the BBUK series last season, which got me hooked and I honestly didn't think it would be topped for a bit. Damn was I wrong lol. This season was just amazing in my eyes, and with this cast of chaotic characters. For those like two people who haven't watched it, I'd say give it a try and you probs won't regret it. Any way, here's my ranking. Because why the fuck not. :p

16: Winston McKenzie (16th Place - Evicted)
The only one I actually hated, and seriously why wouldn't I. He's obnoxious, he's ignorant with his views, and when he tries to justify them he comes up with excuses that make no sense. And this dude is running for office over there, they basically cast Donald Trump without casting Donald Trump. Also, just that entire scene with Tiff and Nancy that one night was gross.

15: Kristina Rihanoff (11th Place - Evicted)
Boring floater who got evicted instead of big drama makers. Sad cuz going into it I really was looking forward to her since she was one of the only people I actually knew before hand. Congrats on her being a mom.

14: Nancy D'ellio (14th Place - Evicted)
Pretty much the same as Kristina. The only reason she is higher is because of that lip sync battle.

13: Jonothan Cheban (15th Place - Quit)
For one, this bitch is not a celebrity. Then again I doubt they would ever get Kim to go on the show, but if they wanted someone that has to do with the Kardashians, go for Khloe since I doubt she is doing anything and she actually would agree to go on. As for Jon, he was ok. But the fact that he quit because he couldn't handle the drama made me dislike him.

12: Darren Day (3rd Place - Finalist)
Darren was another Sherrie Hewson. A boring older player who tries to avoid drama and makes it to the end due to never being nominated. The only interesting things I remember of this guy was his bout with John and his gas problems.

11: David Gest (13th Place - Left due to Illness)
This starts the part where I actually like everyone left, and I really hate putting David this low because he was actually pretty likable during his time in the house. He was a drama defuser sure, but he had a sort of charm about him that I liked. To bad he had to leave, cuz I think he could've been in the end if he hadn't.

10: Angie Bowie (12th Place - Quit)
I don't think there is any denying that Angie was a GODDESS! She literally went from a sweet motherly figure to a 5 year old brat throwing a temper tantrum at the snap of a finger and it was insane to watch. I legit went into a laughing fit watching one of her diary room melt downs and my roommates had to see if I was ok. The only reason she's not higher is she quit.

9: Christopher Maloney (9th Place - Evicted)
Chris was a fun character. I really liked his dynamics with people like Daniella and Gemma, but in the end he was more of a background player then any of the others above him on this list. A likeable one, but still not enough to get him higher.

8: Megan McKenna (10th Place - Evicted)
I was genuinely upset when Megan was robbed so early, because she was an amazing character for the first few weeks. Her tirade against John. Her x Scotty T <3. Though I do admit she did kind of lose steam towards the end of her stay, but for what it was worth she really made the early episodes shine.

7: John Partridge (6th Place - Finalist)
John was the shit stirrer early on, as almost every conflict revolved around him and yet he rarely got himself involved. I was actually impressed, but then he kind of faded into the background. I will say though I loved his relationship with Tiffany going from trying to get the entire house to force her to quit to being her closest friend, cuz they were actually adorable in their talks.

6: Jeremy McConnell (8th Place - Evicted)
Jezzanie <3. I'll get more into that later. There isn't much I can say about Jeremy on his own, which is why he isn't any higher. But he was a pretty big focal point of the season and I appreciated him for that. Also, didn't hurt that he was easy on the eyes.

5: Daniella Westbrook (5th Place - Finalist)
Daniella was someone who I didn't expect to be rooting for, but in the end I really started liking her. Her early relationships with Chris and Gem were fun, but the big thing was definitely her blow out with Stephanie. To the point where she and Gemma broke out of the house TWICE. In all she was a star, just not as much as the others.

4: Scotty T (Winner)
Ugh! This top four was near IMPOSSIBLE to rank. In the end, Scotty fell short. His win may have been a bit predictable, but he was fun none the less. Again him and Megan was super adorable together, and he was a good straight man at the end of the game when the house started exploding around him. Happy he won, though there were a few others I would've preferred winning.

3: Tiffany "New York" Pollard (4th Place - Finalist)
I'll admit....I never actually have watched anything with New York in it before this. *sound of millions of face palms everywhere* Tbh, I'm actually kinda glad this is my first time watching her. Because this is a much realer setting then any of that shit VH1 would produce. And of course, she was a GODDESS! I think the best moment of the entire season was her think David Gest died, and everything the just resulted from that. THAT is reality TV at it's finest. She was also the last american standing (mostly due to the rest of them quitting) and I actually really enjoyed her story of being an outsider. My second favorite moment with her was definitely her talk with Gillian, because it really gave us a good luck into what she was feeling. Kinda bitter she only got 4th and not higher but still amazing.

2: Gemma Collins (7th Place - Evicted)
Apparently they've been trying to get her on this show for a while now, well good thing they finally did cuz she SLAYED. She was probably the second biggest character in terms of story, and as such a LOT of drama revolved around her pretty much right from the beginning. Her alter ego of GC really cause a lot of shit in the house, and she was fully aware of it. I was honestly shocked she didn't make the finals cuz she brought so much to the season.

1. Stephanie Davis (Runner-Up)
Of course, that leaves Steph. And my love for Steph was actually a roller coaster. Early on I was meh about her, then I hated her, and by the end I freakin ADORED her. I'd say she was pretty much the biggest character of the season by far, mostly due to the love triangle she had between Jeremy and her boyfriend at home. Which was controversial as fuck, but in the end I'm actually one of the people backing her and Jez. For a long while she was the one who I was like "she's got no chance of winning, but I'm gonna enjoy her for as long as she is here" similar to Janice from last season. But the more evictions she survived, the more I started to feel "hey, maybe she CAN win this" and when she got to the final 2 I was rooting so hard for her. <3 Sadly she just missed it, but still an amazing character.


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