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Howl's Moving Castle - Tomorrow's limitless

Hello hello~

Here with a little more Howl! Finally found the chance to cosplay from Howl's Moving Castle, was really a lovely time! Gorgeous :iconwildmushrooms: travelled down to Australia so we snapped up the opportunity to shoot together! With our friend :iconshinomatrix: we went out to this beautiful Lavender farm, was a gorgeous day when we shot but one of the hottest in a while, though as we left the city we did find it getting a little cooler! The cafe there was really lovely and the Lavender Lemonade was refreshing! :D I had fun making this costume, learn't how to gather properly haha orz ;; though took longer than it should have since I made twice to better much my Sophie~

Thank you again as always to :iconshinomatrix: for being truly great and shooting, travelling with us and enjoying the day! To :iconwildmushrooms: for being my beautiful Sophie, I am really glad we got to shoot and you were able to see a beautiful location!

Sophie Hatter - :iconwildmushrooms:
Howl - :icondarcywilliam:
Photographer - :iconshinomatrix:
Post-process: - :iconwildmushrooms:

More images available on the Tumblr set here
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This movie is me and my sister's childhood!
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So cool and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


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T_T this is so nice! I mean it REALLY is...
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This is by far the best Howl and Sophie cosplay I've ever seen. I first saw your photo in Studio Ghibli's facebook page; they had your photo feature. I am thoroughly impressed, to say the least.
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Ah thank you so much! I am really glad you enjoy it and I do appreciate you leaving a comment <3
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Argh why are you guys so perfect, all my feeeels <3

Plus whoever thought of the location thumbs up to them, the scenery is just spot on!! :D
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Ah thank you Ailee :D :D Haha location thanks goes to my Mum loool <3
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Nothing to say, just perfect :)
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Thank you so much!
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I'm in love with these photos.. So perfect.. *w*
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Thank you very much! :D I really appreciate it~!
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I love the set truly artistic. You two work well together :)
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Ah thank you really! I do appreciate it <3 mm she is too easy to work with! We were both really happy with the shoot :D
Yuuri-K's avatar
No problem~ that's nice to have someone easy^^
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Such a cute cosplay and setting!

I hope you like Australia! :heart:
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Haha I am local here and love it! Sophie toured here and really loved it too :D
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Very nice, Darcy as always :)
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No worries as always :D
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