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Let's Go Dancing Tonight

Ah, more Paperman! :aww: This short has completely taken its toll on me. I don't know what to do... :faint: :XD:

If you'd like to check out this awesome Disney Oscar-winning short, you can see the whole thing… :D

I have always been a fan of the 1940s-50s time period, and one of my favorite things about that era is the different types of fashion. And I thought Meg would look really cute wearing a late 40s style dress! :) So then the idea for this piece popped into my mind.

I think it would be really cute if Meg and George started dating (or "going steady" :XD:) and they went out dancing one night to one of those typical 1940s dance halls or something like that. George seems like the kinda guy who doesn't know how to dance very well, so maybe Meg would have to teach him how. ;)

This song goes well with what I imagined for this… :D

You can imagine what you want! I just thought I'd give you a bit of what was going through my cluttered mind when I made this. :D

Special thanks to selinmarsou for giving me tips for Meg's dress. :D
Background texture from MagnifiqueN
Vintage flower brush (used on Meg's dress) from MouritsaDA-Stock

Enjoy and feel free to comment! :thanks:

EDIT: Some lovely person on enjoyed this piece so much that they decided to write a small fic based on it!! :excited: :blush: It's a wonderful little story, and I highly recommend checking it out!! -->…

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I know that this is an old piece but I just absolutely love it! The expressions are perfect you really captured the style of the short.
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I like thus picture so much, it's very classy, stylish, and cute. You did a good job keeping the picture in tone with the style and colors of the short film. I actually made a suggestion to an author on a while ago to do a short story based on this picture (since I like it so much). If you haven't read it, check it out here:…
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OH MY GOSH!!! :wow: YOU HAVE JUST MADE MY DAY!!! Seriously, thank you!! :hug: You have no idea how high of a compliment it is when someone writes something based on your artwork. (I know you didn't write it, but it still makes me happy that you liked the piece so much to suggest it to someone.) This is just... oh man just thank you so so much!! :love: :glomp:

I will most definitely check out that fic! :nod: THANK YOU AGAIN!!
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Such an adorable piece :heart:
The transparent layer was kinda easy, right? Such a small trick, but you made a lovely dress dear. The flowers are really nice touch too. Lovely work :3
DarbyLucy's avatar
Thank you so much! :D :heart:

Yes! It was much easier than I had expected. :) Thanks again for the tips. :aww:
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You're most welcome ^^
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Oh, this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

I'm loving the colours and their pose... this is a great kind of "what-happened-after" kinda thing...
This short has earned it's Oscar, arlight... and you're the embodiment as to why :XD:
This picture says it all...
If true love is ment to be, nothing will stop it
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Thank you so so much!! :D :hug: I always love to receive comments from you; they're so thoughtful. :aww:

I love to see fanart of "what happened after", and for Paperman it's great to see because the story was so beautiful, but so short-lived.

It definitely deserved that Oscar. :)

Thanks again! :glomp:
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Anytime. I love your artwork :love:

Haha... Well, I always figured a film (short or regular) did well enough when it left you wanting more :D I mean, in a good way; not that it was lacking or anything

Amg totally
DarbyLucy's avatar
Thank you!! :D

Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I like those kinds of books/movies/tv shows that are so good, but they leave off at a point where I can imagine whatever I want to happen next. :XD: It's like, it ended in a good way where it wasn't lacking anything, but I still enjoy imagining what happened after. :)

That may have sounded a bit confusing... ^^;
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No, I get ya ;p
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