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This is another character from my forecoming comic called "Oxalys". His name is "Grey". You can find a 3D model of him on sama's page [link] !!!
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uh my anem is grey :D im not kdding ;P if you must see my facebook i can get ya to see just i cant get on from school X__X but look up Grey Jackson of facebook :D
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Hey Grey! Funny to hear that!
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Cool character design :)
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*Foams at the mouth* I luvs it, what is he wearing though?
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You DREW that?!? Oi. I can only draw stick people/
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super sympa celui là, ya vraiment des truc affolant dans ta gallerie!!!
ya trop de gens talentueux sur cette terre...vas falloir régler ca...é__è
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Again what a cool hairstyle! And I like the idea with the bags that are attached to his trousers.
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I really like the level of detail here, especially on the abs. This looks professional.
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beautiful colors and art
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Very well-colored. I like your softer, non-cel style art. Your style reminds me of the Magna Carta style...any inspiration from there?
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nice piece, cool character and I like your coloring job. It looks almost like its hand-colored. Good format too, with the uncolored and detail views. Haha I got a kick out of it when I saw you gave him pants (rather than tights?) in the colored image
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so beautiful and so amazing , nice drawing and coloring , great work
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wow, so beautiful *_* It reminds me the king of paint of manga carta *______* :heart:
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ooh, you shade skintone very well! :D thats a really nice light grey/blue color! ^__^
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man, you two are some awesome team :wow: I mean, you do the illustrations, concept, comic art and then he pulls off them spectacular 3D models.

your style reminds me of some game, none in particular, but something I would see in a store ^_~ superb style indeed.
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great design. have to fave.
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Wow great work the character design is excellent.
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wow he's beautiful! I love the way you colored this ^^. Would you mind if I ask you what program you used to color this? ^^
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An awesome drawing you have here! It kind of reminds me of Hyung-Tae Kim's artwork, the man behind Magna Carta and War of Genesis. A very unique and determined looking character, his outfit stands out the most to me.

Nice work! I can't wait to see more! :heart:
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*-* Neat-o! Love the coloring. Awesome design!
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