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I believe the world is too empty, artistically speaking. If every ancestor had left us a page of a journal, a poem, a statue, a painting or just a scratching on a wall, our cultural heritage would have been immense and we would have understood our roots much better.

In order to be a part of the world's cultural heritage I have tried to tell my story and using images I have put into these paintings everything I wanted to say. Surrealism has been a challenge for me: not only have I needed advanced technical skills, like the old masters, but also a good and vast imagination and some knowledge of philosophy, history, symbolism and psychology.

I like to think that my works are a mélange of surreal, metaphysic, fantastic realism and narrative art. I'm not an oneiric painter - I try to exchange information with the people who see my works. There is a story in almost every painting. If you go beyond my surreal paintings I am sure you will find a hidden poem and a piece of one's thoughts, no matter who you are, where you come from or where you are heading to. A surreal painting has neither boundaries, nor age… it goes beyond space or time and doesn't need a dictionary.