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Zrozeni z popela - Navrat Ztraceneho Draka :icondaralydk:Daralydk 0 0
Mature content
Born from the Ashes - Return of the Lost Dragon :icondaralydk:Daralydk 0 0
Born from the Ashes - Annuit Coeptis
*I know that some may find this story boring, but it is a start of the whole book and I wanted to explain that illuminati here really rule the whole political and financial scene. For that I used recent events from real world (beginning of the story is set in a modern day present) and added conspirational theories to glue whole thing together the way I wanted.
*Some workds or lines here in story may have different meaning than we or you are used to. Some of them are even made up. As such I've added a litle dictionary at the end of each part that should explain everything.
*I understand that my "Lingua Latina" is really bad, I've never learned it in school and most of the latin quotes or words here are probably wrong gramaticaly. I¨ve used Latin because it fits to the principles of Illuminati and later on to those of Draconids. If I've ever make an official book from this, I'll definitely work on those translated quotes. So far I'm trying to learn basics from the internet
:icondaralydk:Daralydk 0 0
Zrozeni z popela - Annuit Coeptis
*Uvědomuji si že někomu může tento příběh přijít nudný ale jedná se o začátek kde jsem chtěl vysvětlit že Illumináti zde skutečně vládnou ze zákulisí celé politické a finanční scéně a proto jsem použil reálné události z našeho světa (začátek se odehrává relativně v současnosti ) a přidal konspirační teorie abych to celé propojil.
*Některá slova či celé věty zde i v dalších následujících částech mohou mít jiný význam než na jaký jsme zvyklí a některé jsou úplně vymyšlené. Proto jsem na konec přidal krátký slovník který sporné výrazy osvětlí.
*Uvědomuji si že moje latina je opr
:icondaralydk:Daralydk 0 0
Story Basics (Born from the Ashes)
Please note, that this submission, or story itself does NOT reflect my real point of view. Altough I like conspirational theories I'm not believing in most of them and I will not force you to believe anything or using this story for such reason. It is just block of basic information on witch I based my story and I used my knowledge and information I had, to make story more interesting and connected.
Story is placed in alternative near future where Humans and Draconids (artificial creations made from combined human and reptile DNA - for furries anthro dragons without wings) lives side by side.
I used the secret organization of Illuminati as a main ruling body who guide world politics and finances from shadows (much as the Assassin's creed used the Templars) Rest assured tough that story is definitely not a copy of it.
Main story focuses on creation of Draconids as biological machines without consciousness which should replace humans as a work force, allow humans to spend th
:icondaralydk:Daralydk 1 0


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Martin Oulehla
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Czech Republic
well - what to say about myself?

First English is not my main language, next I don't like facebook but I try to at least try. Want to be with contact with people from former class and others who I may not see personally

I'm not very good at my own art, so maybe more entusiast than artist. Also I'm quite shy person so it is hard for me to present myself. On the other hand I would love to find a new friends and meet good people.

I'm from Middle Europe - from Czech Republic
I'm pansexual currently free for taking

My interests are quite wide.
My greatest hobby are horses and horseriding - it is very relaxing activity.
I also like fantasy and sci-fi, manga and as you can see by my "Favourites" folder Antro Art and My Little Pony

My motto is from Japaneese language "kimi no doryoku ga jishin ni kawaru toki made oitsuzukereba ii " and it means "Do not stop working on yourself, until all of your hard work changes into a certainty"

Current Residence: Kolín - Czech Republic
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: Modern Orchestral, Gothic metal, Vocaloid
Favourite style of art: Anthro, My Little Pony
Operating System: Windows 10
MP3 player of choice: VLC Media Player
Wallpaper of choice: hot anthro dragonesses from Kurtassclear or MLP
Favourite cartoon character: Richard (Looking For Group) Rayne Sommers (LICD) Homage (Fallout: Equestria)
Personal Quote: Never stop trying

So we arrived at 17th of August to the hotel.
Later that day we stormed Hamleys store in Prague which is basicly the bigest toy-store in the the Europe, including their home store in England. Amazing place... after several minutes you simply forget you are not child anymore and enjoying the place utterly.
Second day, 18th of August, was still before con and we attended LARP (Live Action Role-Play) in nerby park. It took most of the day. We made teams of six people and stylized into band of pony friends led by Sunset Shimmer. We helped NPCs who played ponies from show (Mane 6 and secondary charactes like Maud Pie or Scootaloo) Each NPC had a task for us that awarded part of the cipher needed for finishing the the whole play.
For example RD was depressed from boredom after she read all Darinmg Do books and seen movies, so we played a our own scene from Daring Do to cheer her up.
Whole thing was great fun and it ended with whole group holding hands and reparing portal,(read holding hands and let the electrical curent run trough all of us to make a figurine of Applejack on electrical gadget spin).
Then we all moved to the official preparty in nerby pub.
Third day, 19th of August was first day of the con itself.  I've met ton of my friends and after opening ceremony I went to enjoy the venue.
Sure, Czechquestria is not as large as for example Galacon who is close, in Germany, but it is just as grand. All panels are held in one room, one after another, but rest of the place is reserved for vendors and other actions.
Main things are Rock-Band, Trotmania, My little Karaoke and even jubeat Qubell machine - all of them constantly surrounded by people.
As such I've attended only those panels that interested me, and went to do other things meantime.
After Opening Ceremony, it was cosplay panel (with absolutely incredible Chrysalis cosplay , full-plate armored Celestia and Smooze who went trough the room stealing jewelery :-D)
Then I've attended Skype video call with M.A. Larson (who was actually first person who implanted the idea of czech pony con in heads of our staffers).
Sadly i'm not used to be around big group of people for two days straight, so after that I already had a serious migraine and withdrew to our hotel room, missing the evening party in the process.
Fourth day, 20th of august (today)
We came little late but managed to catch most fo the "Sweetie Bot Project" from Russia. Those guys are quite known and they prepared panel with informations and presentation of news.
Incredible moment came, when robot shown scripted series of movements and spoken lines, imitating the famous scene from "Witchcraft is Magic"…. That was huge success, especially because when the script ended, servo in robot's neck failed and her head fell to the table.
Later on, I attended panel from Overmare Studios who presented new information and new song from "Ashes of Equestria" videogame project.
And all ended with the Charity Auction where there were ton of incredible items. We managed to collect ofver 100 000 CzK (that equals roughly 4 000 Euros) for center doing hipotherapy for children (therapy with specially trained horses)
I didn't had much money on myself, compared to people mainly from abroad, yet I managed to snatch a Lyra brushable with Kazumi Evans signature.
Still the main thing came in the end of the auction ruled by Perry from Galacon. For those of you who do not know, there is long standing tradition on Galacon where Perry auction her cowboy hat (usually for insane amount around 1 000 Euros)
We convinced her to do the same here and she obliged. If you think that Galacon do it Grand, think again...
There was a battle between several people up to roughly 6 000 CzK (around 240 Euros) and then because that person kept raising the sum, czech group pooled money together and overpaid him every time. It caused a literary pile of the money on the podium.
We raised the bar to around 22 000 CzK (around 880 Euros)
Then it stopped being about the hat and it became about that "Good Cause". The Auction practialy ended but various people kept adding money on the pile, ending on 30 160CzK ( around 1 260 Euros) that was added to the final sum giving the final amount 100 630 CzK (around 4 025 euros)
I think Czechquestria started a new tradition today and Joker on Galacon has something new to prove.
As the cherry on top, during the Ending Ceremony "Lattellerr" asked her dear girlfriend "Hagura" to marry him...and she agreed. That moment I openly broke into tears, just as many others, and THIS somehow lessen the depression of the end of the con that usually falls to the people.
Aside of that, I of course got a ton of merch including pony Sunset Shimmer plush.
All in all very good con.



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Daralydk Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
tough luck
I'm going to buy it to show true support and generosity
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