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Daragos reference sheet by Daragos90 Daragos reference sheet by Daragos90

Ok guys, get ready for a novel =P ^^’ So I made it. :D I’ve been thinking for a while now about the details and other things about Daragos, and here it is. After a lot of thinking, rethinking, and all that stuff that happens while you try to create a personality for a character, I finally managed to make a reasonably good description of him. ^^

Name: Daragos (nickname: Rago)
Age: 20
Birthdate: November 27th
Gender: Male
Height: 271 cm (8,9’)
Species: Western dragon – Neon
Elements: Light and fire
Personality: Kind, Helpful, Loyal, Placid, Lazy, Shy, Forgetful
Likes: Napping, Spending time with friends, Storms and rains, Being near water, especially waterfalls, Bioluminescent things, Stargazing, Snacks
Dislikes: Interrupted while napping, Meeting someone new, Crowds, Hot weather
Best friends: Xendy ( belongs to :iconcynder-lany: ),  Kirim (another oc of mine, can be seen here, no ref yet)

Daragos is capable of using light and fire elements. His primary element is light, with which he is capable of healing, if someone is injured. The light is his most powerful element, and he can use this only a few times before he gets completely exhausted.
His second element is fire. This is not as powerful and as draining as the light, so he uses this most of the time, and it fits better for his fighting style, attacking quickly in bursts. He can’t attack with light instantly, there's a 2 second long channeling before he can shoot. The fire attacks doesn't need to charge that long, hovewer, he can still channel it longer to have a more powerful blow.

He is also capable of casting both elements to work together. However, this drains even more of his power, so he only uses this when he heals someone while they rest. He sets a fire that slowly heals them while they sleep. This method is more useful and more efficient for larger, or more wounds than a simple light healing. This kind of his fire’s heat is set for a little bit colder than the target’s body tempreture, does not spread to other objects nor areas, and does not go out until he stops it himself or the injury is fully healed. It’s the most efficient when he places it right on the injury. As for an attack, he never tried it in battle, only just in practice and in a weak, barely charged form which is still exhausting for him, but it is a dangerous weapon of his. However, a proper blow would take too long to channel and will probably exhaust him completely.

He is a lazy dragon, as he mostly naps throughout the day in caves or in the sunshine, and he really hates it when someone or something interrupts this habit. He doesn’t have a great appetite, so he can easily keep his slight body in shape mostly with flying or runnig around, and playing with friends, however, he does love snacks. Being muscular isn’t his goal, nor being fat, it’s mostly the speed he aims for. Agility is his natural strength, he was born as an agile one, so he keeps this gift in good condition. He might be lazy, but he keeps training properly. His friends always mock him that he naps too much and does not train enough, and most of the time he proves them that he is fine and is improving. He doesn’t wear that scar on his face for no reason while he could just heal it. It’s to remember him one thing. Get better. He got his scar in a fight where he wasn’t fast enough to avoid the hit properly. Since then, he has trained better and harder.

Aside from laziness, he is a great soul. He helps his friends whenever he can, and he is also very loyal to them, he would put his life in danger just to keep them safe. Despite his loyalty and kindness, he is a shy one. He really dislikes it when it comes to meeting someone new, since he is very bad with first impressions, and cannot really talk about anything, also, he's the quiet one when he gets together with friends. He usually gets a bit frustrated by the new person and just leaves the sinking ship when he feels like it’s time. He sometimes can drive his friends, and even himself a bit crazy because of his bad memory. Forgotten meetings, plans, other to do things, all sorts of those. He can’t stand the hot weather, in the summer, he prefers to go out of the cave for as short as possible, however, he can withstand the cold very well, he almost likes it…almost.

When it gets to chilling, he usually goes to a pond, lake, or a waterfall and lies down nearby, listening to the sound of nature. When he feels a bit tense or needs a little mind clearing, he goes under the waterfall or dips into the water for a while if it’s possible. He can also spend a lot of time and relax with watching bioluminescent life in caves, or stargazing at night. If there's a rain coming, he goes outside and enjoys the fresh air and the rain.

One of his weakness is physical power, but he can fight that well with his great agility and reflexes. As in elements, his weakness is darkness and water. His feelings, memories and friends are very precius to him. He can be easily distracted and weakened by reminding him to something bad that happened in the past, or by hurting his friends.

2017 - july: fine tuned the description and a few things about him.

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