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Sonic Characters Doodles by Claire-Petal-Splash Sonic Characters Doodles :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 18 29 Princess Daisy Custom Pony by princessahagen Princess Daisy Custom Pony :iconprincessahagen:princessahagen 5 2 Why Amy Rose is a Waifu by Claire-Petal-Splash Why Amy Rose is a Waifu :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 11 15 Soaked Sarasaland Princess by YoshiMan1118 Soaked Sarasaland Princess :iconyoshiman1118:YoshiMan1118 374 70 Amethyst As Cinderella (New) by Sonicgirlfriend65 Amethyst As Cinderella (New) :iconsonicgirlfriend65:Sonicgirlfriend65 33 33 Madam D. by Villaman89 Madam D. :iconvillaman89:Villaman89 155 16 The 3 Little Princesses part 2, page 7 by TheBourgyman The 3 Little Princesses part 2, page 7 :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 314 69 Discord by Claire-Petal-Splash Discord :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 23 19 My Powerpuff Girls Custom Pony Collection by princessahagen My Powerpuff Girls Custom Pony Collection :iconprincessahagen:princessahagen 4 0
Claire Petal Splash Contest! - Winners!
Alright, the Claire Petal Splash Contest has ended! I'd like to thank all of the all 8 contestants who entered! You all were incredible and I loved each and everyone of your entries! But there can only be three winners, But there can only be 3 winners. So I have chosen my three faves!

Our first place winner is…

By LordPhantomChips
...SHE'S SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy Happy StarFire Happy Hatsune Miku-15 (Happy) excited happy Happy/Victorious Good Luck Markiplier Emoticon 
:iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 4 37
Made of Love by Claire-Petal-Splash Made of Love :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 25 21 PPG doodle by TechnoPonyWardrobeDA PPG doodle :icontechnoponywardrobeda:TechnoPonyWardrobeDA 16 2
Claire Petal Splash Contest! - CLOSED!
Hello my beautiful fairies~! It's Claire Aimee here and tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! But not just any birthday, but my SWEET 16! And as a little fun thing to do, I have for you all an epic contest!
The Contest:
For this contest it's simple: You must draw one/or more of my original characters. Your entry can be about anything as long as it’s related to my characters or other original works.

The characters available for this contest are...
Claire Petal Splash - Claire Petal Splash
Jason -
:iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 7 28
Jason (Digital) by Claire-Petal-Splash Jason (Digital) :iconclaire-petal-splash:Claire-Petal-Splash 15 30 Great Western Peach by FamousMari5 Great Western Peach :iconfamousmari5:FamousMari5 60 36

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Steven Universe- Heart of the Crystal Gems review

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 7, 2018, 1:45 PM

Hey guys Daracoon911 signing in and gonna do something different and I'm going to share my reaction of the episodes that have premiered this week for Steven Universe so let's get started! :) I HAVE BEEN SHOOKETH REAL BAD!

Now We're Only Falling Apart
Still trying to recover from 'A Single Pale Rose' This has to be my second favourite episode of this special. It was sad seeing Garnet split up but nice to see Ruby and Sapphire again even though the situation they were in was kinda bad. I didn't like how Saphhire reacted though but I guess you can't blame her. But what I adored about this episode was the "origin story"  For Pink and Pearl. It was GAY AF It was perfectItalian Chef KissWe got see what Life was like for everyone during the colonization of Earth and before the war. Which I what I have been hoping for a long time. Yellow and Blue still acting like bitches to Pink. Still can't believe that Blue would act like this as we've always seen her as the overprotective, adoring "Will beat up Yellow if she messes with Pink" mother from fanart, comics and headcannon. Also liked the ending. When Sapphire made the realisation that 'Rose was following us' Another reason why my life is a lie now.

But my question is, why didn't Amethyst stop Ruby from running away? What was she doing? As it pissed me of that Sapphire, Pearl and Steven got back too late. Rage 

What's Your Problem?
Guess it was one of the duller episodes of the special since it was just Steven and Amethyst finding Ruby. So I didn't enjoy it as much. The pizza though looked tasty but also disgusting as it had a giant fish sticking out of it. But if I could, I would try it. Shame they didn't finish it. WHY YOU WASTING FOOD LIKE THAT?!

I also thought Amethyst didn't take the 'Rose is Pink Diamond' news well as she was acting all angry and stuff which confused me as she was chill about it at first. But when I found out she was trying to cheer Steven up I was like Kalium Den (k den). (emoticon). The helicopter fight scene was nice though

The Question
Thinking about it, I think this episode is the sequel to the episode 'The Answer' for some reason. I like the Ruby Rider song. Had it stuck in my head for the entire week. When the proposal took place. I was like Tom YES yes Party Star Wars Party Hard Icon Steven Universe - Sapphire and Ruby (dancing) Ruby and Sapphire Hug Icon Steven Universe - Ruby and Sapphire (kissu kissu) GAY AF :lezdate: Proud to ServeIt's about time they got married. SEND ME TO THAT GOD DAMN WEDDING! It was a 'Basic Guide on How to End an Episode in the Gayest way Possible 101'Pride Shooting Star Ruby And Sapphire Emoticon GIF Steven Universe - Kiss 

Made of Honour
YES BITCH! BISMUTH IS BACK!Bismuth - Free icon The wedding prep scenes were cute. Although there was kinda a somewhat fight scene between Steven and Bismuth, would've been greater if there was a proper fight scene. LOL'D at Bismuths reaction when she heard Rose was Pink. Still felt sorry for her though, so glad everyone accepted her when she made her return to the other gems. Pretty nice and clever of Steven to invite Bismuth 

The song was great I was very tempted to start singing along too.Giggle I liked how Ruby was wearing a dress and Sapphire was wearing the suit. It shows that this show is accepting that you can wear whatever you want no matter your gender as it's pretty obvious that Ruby is seemingly more male while Sapphire is seemingly more female despite the fact they're genderless. "FLOWERS FOR YOU, FLOWERS FOR YOU!" OMG Peri made me laugh at thatCrazy Laughing Peridot - Chat Icon. It reminds me of Oprah and how she's like 'YOU GET A CAR!' But change that to flowers. Ruby instantly running down to meet Sapphire at the altar, will be me if I ever get married. Like 'HOLD ON B COMING! WE NEED TO SPEND THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF TIME AS A MARRIED COUPLE TOGETHER!"

So good to see Steven Universe - Garnet again. Her dress when she fused was ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!Animation md Fabulous 1 *fabulous Intensifies*  Reception was cool I guess funny seeing the Mayor and Kevin dancing together. Next bit is where SHIT GOES DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Diamonds come to Earth. Already knew that because of the accidental spoilers that CN released before 'Can't Go Back' and 'A Single Pale Rose' When they released the Cluster I was like NOOOOOOO. SHIT WE'VE FUCKED UP. EARTH IS GONNA DIE. The hand that formed looked like a muscleThe Cluster Emote then when it attacked Yellow I was like. DAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNN! But also yes GO CLUSTER FUCK YELLOW UP, FUCK HER UP FUCK HER UP FUCK HER UP! AFTER WHAT SHE DID TO YOU! GO OFF, GO OFF! Great to see Blue generally using her powers as well. Did not expect her to break Rose's/Pink's sword NOOOOOO BUT DAMN.... YAS BITCH YAS! LAPIS CAME BACK! GIF Steven Universe - Lapis Laugh it was about time. Hopefully she stays here forever. Peri was soooo happy so I felt happy for her too. But DAMN WHAT A WAY TO MAKE A ENTRANCE. BLOODY DROPPING YOUR HOUSE ON A DIAMOND. I was also confused why blue shouldn't take 3 steps to the left and where the water was coming from.

"I've felt worse" That was so bloody powerfulLapis!! Stop!! Great to see everyone as well using their upgraded weapons from Bismuth. But the battle scene has to be the best of all time in SU. YO BUT BISMUTH THROWING PERI WAS THE BEST BIT OF IT. PERI EVEN WANTED TO DO IT AGAIN. OH MY DAYS, THAT WAS AMAZING!
I was surprised  when the Cluster beat Yellow and then she makes her appearance. When Peri went to have ago at Yellow. I was like PERI NOOOOOOO! THEN POOF OR OOF! 

Yellow Diamond INTENSIFIESGotta go fast! or cummon step it up's theme playing is what I had in mind when I saw Yellow legging it to Steven. Then BAM! I legit thought he died when he appeared in that ghost world. I can see the Crewniverse is still expanding on Steven's dream/mind powers. Him encouraging the gems was so Steven of him. My fave one was Amethyst Emoticon 1 saying 'Don't get shattered!' And I like MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! That would be me if I ever had to fight Steven Universe - Blue Diamond 5andyellow diamond Steven trying to enter the Diamond's minds I was like 'Finally he is going to reveal himself' but NOOOO the Diamonds have to bloody kill him mentally. But at least we know  what they were thinking so I guess you can sympathise with them.

"Her thots are too strong" and "Show yourself hoe" I think those two lines are going to become memes in the SU fandom. But tbh I did not hear that. But still hilariousLaughing 

OMD WHEN THE PINK AURA SURROUNDED EVERYTHING I WAS LEGIT EYES WIDE OPEN MOUTH WIDE OPEN. JUST WATCHED THE REST OF THE SCENE SILENTLY. THEN LEGIT I WANTED TO START FILTHY FRANK TYPE SCREAMING. ME BEING ABLE TO FUNCTION PROPERLY MACHINE BROKE! THINKING ABOUT THE SCENE NOW MAKES ME WANT TO CRY. IT WAS SO POWERFUL! Well after watching that scene a couple of times I did end up crying. I think the music mostly and Blue saying pink is what gets me to start bawling cryingBut everything in that scene makes me cry.:crying: rvmp Crying Mo :crying Crying Miuna Crying Icon Crying Inside Out - Saddness crying Hiyori Crying Icon Pikachu crying Jake crying plz That was executed beautifullyGIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle way different than what I had in mind.

Then seeing the promo I'm now FFS I NEED MORE. GIVE ME THOSE EPISODES NOW!*Angry Toriel Intensifies* Angry Steve Harvey 
Not sure if this is true. But the next episodes will be airing on 7th Sept so FFS WE GOT A 2 MOTH HIATUS. I'M GONNA DIE I think I've fainted. But to be fair 2 months isn't that bad abd we've had a 1 year hiatus but THOSE 2 MONTHS ARE GONNA FEEL LIKE AN ETERNITY!

But BEST WEEDING EVER!!!! I now wish my wedding would turn out like this. Marrying the love of my life and then my enemies or a wild ex appears and tries to destroy everything and me and my SQUAD!Sasami Squad (Fangirl Laughs) [V4] BE FIGHTING THEM FOR DAYS BOIIIII!

In summary, loved this week episodes and 10/10 would watch again especially the last and my fave episode.  Anyways this is Daracoon911 signing out! :wave:


Pretty sure I was a victim on Blue's radiated phatokinesis abilities while watching this pathokinesis - blue diamond emote 

What are they gonna do about Rose's/Pink's sword?

CSS by FakeTsuki
Lapis Lazuli, Steven Universe [c] Rebecca Sugar


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