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Keiki's Pokemon Lineup by darachusi Keiki's Pokemon Lineup by darachusi
Keiki's Pokemon Lineup:
(DISCLAIMER: Nintendo owns pokemon. I do NOT own pokemon.)

:D Keiki is the trainer guy who shelters these chums. To view Keiki's mug, click on this [link]

Skip my boring storytelling diarrhoea if you aren't pretending to be interested in the rabblings of an old-timer. Otherwise, get your pepsi out; it's a long read.
**poke will be used as the abbreviation for pokemon.

Notes on traditional poke ritual combat (TPRC):
In traditional poke ritual combat, if the wild poke wins a one-to-one, the trainer is obliged to offer him food and water or gifts; if the trainer wins, the trainer has the option of taking the wild poke under his pledge.

The tradition has now been tempered by law, of course. TPRC, aka "wildbat" or "freebat", is now a voluntary affair requiring the democratic consent of both combatants. Unless stipulated, free pokes normally engage trained pokes for the experience - usually a mutual benefit to both parties.

Forced freebat is illegal in most regions, and is a sure precursor to raiding and mugging. Freebat can get trainers fined if it causes damage to property.
A raid conducted by free pokes is called a "wildraid", or "freeraid". Wildraid is the more derogatory term, and is reserved for concerted "hate" attacks of brutality or discrimination.

Plasma Knuckles
Zwei of Sesha
Giga Impact
Elemental Infusion

Tofu is a pygmy dragonite and Keiki's first poke. Keiki first saw him in a neighbourhood menagerie when he was still a dratini. Dratinis are technically very rare and very expensive, but this one had two glaring problems; one, it lacked the skill Extremespeed that characterized purebred Dratinis, and two, it was grossly overweight for its age. Nevertheless, Keiki fell in love with him and came to see him everyday. He did odd jobs outside of school and sold artworks to raise some money, and eventually earned enough to purchase the critter. Keiki named it Tofu on account of its soft texture and distended proportions. Tofu evolved rapidly, which is unusual for dragon pokes; this could perhaps be due to the high growth hormone levels in fast food nowadays (today, pokes reach maturity faster than they used to.)

Tofu was the first of keiki's pokes to pick up the Dragonsword move, a placebo-manifestation skill that allows him to create an elemental projection of a weapon. Tofu's weapon, when fully-materialized, is a Zwei; being slipshod, however, tofu often projects it as an edged mace.

Tofu is a bummer and a monkish poke. He revels in a simple existence and does not plague himself with unnecessary concerns. His motto is "to live and let live". He does not actively interfere in conflicts due to his high behavioral inertia, but this very inertia can be very potent when nudged in the right directions. Tofu may appear slothlike, but his unsophisticated mildness belies a strong set of fundamental "Zen" principles that guide his actions ... or inactions.

Tofu is a dragon that specializes in infusing elementalism into his physical blows, preferring brute force to projectile attacks. He uses a delicate balance of fire, lightning and ice in his infusions, and creates a plasma field around his fists and weapon that mimics that of cosmic solar bodies.

Greatsword of Xiuhcoatl

Mugen is a razorneck charizard and keiki's second poke. As a charmander, Mugen was keiki's partner for his Trainer Academy module, and was officially pledged to Keiki upon their graduation. Mugen was a silent, brooding kind of charmander that didn't really catch the other trainer's attentions, but being a loner himself, Keiki identified with Mugen immediately; this was especially after Keiki observed the left-handed poke make elaborate scratch-arts on the walls of his community pen. (the Kanto training syllabus stipulates the proficient handling of a charmander, squirtle or bulbasaur as the graduation criteria.)

Mugen's maturity of thought evolved quickly, fueled in part by his innate thirst for knowledge. Even since the academy days, Mugen had always seen battling as a science and fire-weaving as an art, often consulting encyclopedias and e-resources to experiment on new skills and tactics. His motto is "with direction comes magnitude". He is the unofficial captain of keiki's team, and is respected by everyone else including Keiki, who sees a him as a superior; an odd reversal of the usual trainer-above-poke status quo.

Mugen believes in strategy, and would go to great lengths and risks to observe and test his enemies before launching his ripostes. His mastery of the Dragonsword technique is unparalleled in the region, and two of his self-tutored skills, Blisterskin and Aeronaut, are so critically-acclaimed that he even tutors them to other pokes to farm up some side-income for the team.

:D To see Mugen in a solo artpiece of his own, press here: [link]

Reflegaton Rollout
Dual Cinquedeas
Spikeshot Arquebus
Sandstorm Cantrips

Shroo is a tapersnout sandslash and Keiki's third poke; they first met as Keiki was beginning his Trainer's pilgrimage to Victory Road. Shroo was the child of a large sandshrew family, and longed for adventure beyond the mounds of Angmakai. Attracted to Keiki and his two partners at first sight, Shroo hastily challenges them to a traditional ritual combat, stipulating that if he won, he would win food for his family (and thus gain him acknowledgement from his kinsmembers), but if he lost, he would pledge himself to Keiki. Keiki agreed with only the experience in mind; he wasn't keen on adopting a sandshrew at first.

The fight, however, showed Keiki the desperate side of a free poke who would fight with nothing to lose, and Shroo took a huge beating before he went down. Keiki pledged Shroo, and wrote to the Angmakai authorities to protest against the drilling works that were destroying the sandshrew habitats in the area.

Shroo is a fun-loving and childish poke who always speaks his mind. He hates protocol, authority and formality, being a wild poke at heart, but readily embraces Mugen and Keiki as his beneficiaries and lieges (Mugen was the one who beat Shroo in the first freebat). Shroo came into the team when Tofu was a dragonair and Mugen a charmander, and knows them better than any of keiki's later additions to the team. He is very affectionate, emotional and rancorous, and is often the life of the party.

In combat, Shroo practices defense magicks and decoy tactics. He uses Dig maneuvers, sand-attacks, sandstorms and reflect magicks to great effect, even creating mirages via the bending of light. Shroo strikes like an assassin; from blind angles, from below ground and with poison stings from afar, and he does all these by instinct. His natural unpredictability and innate shrewdness of battlefield-control cantrips unknowingly wins him Mugen's respect. Shroo's ambidextrosity allows him to project a Dragonsword katar on each claw for dualwielding.

Serenades of Wintersong
Icebeam Array
Sorceries of Frozentide

Amethyst is an ivory "seer" lapras, and keiki's fourth poke. She has semi-psychic abilities that allow her to read the hearts and minds of other living things, and it was through this telepathy that she found Keiki. During the environmental demonstration and oil spill sweep-up of the South Chynian Sea, Amethyst lured Keiki's team away from the rest of the demonstrators while they were on sweep duty. Amethyst had read keiki's heart, and saw that he had an ambition to create a sustainable future for the world. On the uncharted shores of a mistbound cove, she allowed Keiki to pledge her. She was young, and she wanted to make a difference.

Amethyst is the most intelligent of the team, even more so than Mugen, and also the most sentimental. She sings alot, mostly to herself, but the music has a strange therapeutic effect that spiritually 'nourishes' the rest of the gang more than they would like to admit. Amethyst is a nurturer at heart and behaves like a big sister to the rest of the team. She is close to dead serious on everything and has no observable sense of humor.

In team combat, Amethyst's psychic abilities allow her to either support Mugen as the mindreader and strategist of the team, or double for Shroo as the field-control specialist. With Lohat and Laguita, she plays as a debilitation-manipulator. Alone, Amethyst can also wage hell as a warship, bringing the biting cold down upon her enemies before picking them off with her ice beams.

Amethyst finds herself attracted to Tofu's simplicity. The only equal she acknowledges is Mugen, but she is often reproachful of his burning obsession of inquiry. She and Shroo, in a discrete way, share an almost mother-and-child relationship.

Blades of Erebus
Darkocean Revolvers

Scartooth is a blacktipped sharkpedo and keiki's fifth poke. Keiki first met him at Port Haisenberg during a wildraid, where they fought as enemies. The free pokes there are like pirates, raiding the port towns from season to season; in fact, some of them have even once been owned or disowned by actual pirates. While they usually attacked for food and territory, it was different this time; they struck at the second day of an industrial expo convention on aquatic exploration and expansion, a violent protest of sorts to discourage what they perceived as a threat to their livelihood. The raid got ugly, and the wild pokes were branded as terrorists and driven back.

Keiki arrived on the third day of the convention, amidst a raid-torn district. A fresh raid came in from the eastern piers, and Keiki stepped in to help with the damage control. There, he and his team fought off a frenzy of sharkpedoes and octilleries, at great cost of injuries. Scartooth fought Mugen in a dogfight above the sea, but mugen's Blisterskin protected him from the sharkpedo's water magicks. Scartooth beat Mugen to a stalemate until he was finally frozen solid by Amethyst's ice fields. Scartooth's associates fled the battlefield after their defeat at the hands of other peacekeeping trainers, and left Scartooth for dead. Keiki took Scartooth to a centre for a five-day operation, feeling responsible for the poke's injuries. The law decreed that the free poke terrorists would face penal roundup if caught, and unwilling to condemn Scartooth to a life of enclosure, Keiki decided to pledge him. Scartooth grudgingly accepted, insisting that he has inherent motivation on his part and fiercely specifying that he would "eventually ditch them one day".

Scartooth is a sour delinquent. He is negative, brash and vulgar, and because he hates following instructions and team tactics, Mugen and Amethyst often factors him into play as a wild card, letting him run his own show and fitting his uncertainty value into the strategy equation or working around it. Scartooth's main redeeming quality is a stiff sense of pride and obligation, which may be his core reason for staying and supporting the team.

In combat, he can be unusually gallant in either protecting or not targeting the weaker combatants, reasoning that he only finds thrill in dueling the strong. He uses an unorthodox mix of dark and water magicks to lethally slice up his enemies, and his over-aggressiveness often leaves Keiki hesitant to use him in friendly matches. Since joining the team, he has taken an interest in lightning magicks, fueled perhaps by a sense of vengeance against his former-associates who had shamelessly deserted him at Port Haisenberg.

Mass Distribution
Lotus Cyclone
Leech Loam
Team Rejuvenation

Lohat is an lowbrim Ludicolo and Keiki's sixth poke. Keiki first met him as a lotad in a reclusive backwater district of Serenglade Town. Serenglade was an old city of back alleys and quiet apartments back then, and the humble location of the Advanced Trainer academy where Keiki studied in his 'golden teenage years'. Keiki was exploring the lower-ground streets of Serenglade one day when he stumbled into a secluded and abandoned town square flooded to the ankles with clear water pouring from the broken webs of pipeworks above. Amongst the lily pads and lotus blooms, a colony of lotads drifted around languidly in gibbering chorus. As Keiki approaches, the lotads paddle away, all except one, which proceeded to puff itself up to the size of a truck and engage Keiki. Everyone ignored it.

Keiki paints the ruined square in watercolor, telling Tofu "he hasn't sat down properly to paint in a long time". A hot rain starts beating down after a few hours, and the solitary lotad shrinks back down, patiently watching the painting Keiki. Finally, it wades over and climbs onto Keiki's head, shielding him from the sun and rain (but unknowingly dripping water all over his painting). Keiki is reminded of the nagas who sheltered Buddha from the elements, and offered to pledge the 'lohat'. The lotad appears to be mute, and as they leave, it continues resting atop his head. Keiki takes that its silence meant consent.

Lohat is apparently mute to common speech, capable only of croaking a rare quack or making grunts of effort. It's personality as a lotad was predominantly aggressive in an straightforward way that was both pointblank and humorous, yet purely unintentional. Everyone suspected Lohat to be autistic, and they were probably right. As a lombre, Lohat went through bouts of unwarranted depression over nothing of consequence, and occasionally attempted (thankfully) half-assed methods of self-infliction in hopes of release - like paper cuts. As a Ludicolo, Lohat became more chipper, but now suffers from regressive dissociative-identity disorder into his previous lotad and lombre dispositions. As an echopraxist, his actions tend to be unintentionally exaggerated, and he usually dances to communicate. Shroo and Flanwa are often caught dead laughing at Lohat's jigs; Amethyst can't seem to read his mind, while Scartooth admits he sometimes feels "an unexplainable desire to bite him savagely". Tofu gets along perfectly with Lohat, the two of them often drinking tea together and generally being monkish (though it could be due to Lohat's echopraxis, of course).

In combat, winning and losing seems to make no difference to Lohat. He can be anticlimactic at times and completely irrelevant at others, and he dances in the middle of serious matches and usually gets beaten up much to Keiki's shame and chagrin. Still, Lohat has a ton of health and can take a lot of punishment. He can adsorb damage, sap energy and replenish the vitality of those around him; he is almost like a walking poke centre and pretty much as indestructible.


Flanwa is an cascadian altaria and Keiki's seventh poke. Flanwa was assigned by her service provider company to be Keiki's guide and stewardess during his stay in the seaside metropolis of the Shagonhai. Flanwa bonded with Keiki and his team in the one solid month they spent together, and when they surprised her on their last day by offering her pledge, she readily accepted the honor.

Flanwa is a cheerful and amiable individual, and a bit of a flirt. She is always happily bantering with Shroo, and their conversations are, as Keiki puts it, "stand-up comedy material". Prior tourism hospitality training since her childhood days as a swablu have modeled her into a paragon of outstanding civic conduct, though her inner exuberance often shows through whenever she fails to contain herself. Flanwa tries very hard to engage amethyst in sisterly bonding, but it is like a city mouse meets country mouse kind of scenario. She has a crush on Mugen, but Mugen, being Mugen, doesn't really bother. She and Scartooth are direct opposites, but oddly, they share an irrational curiosity towards each other and often trade enigmatic quips uncharacteristic of either of them.

Flanwa doesn't like getting serious in combat. To her, combat is a purely social activity and should preferably be a show of force rather than a prelude to permanent injury. In combat, she is actually surprisingly capable, being the fastest poke on the team and often abusing her agility to disable her opponents before they can gather their wits. Flanwa learns and readapts the Dragonsword skill by projecting a placebo bow and coupling it with her Aerial Ace for projectile firing.

Cuelebre Blades
Basilisk Swagger
Amaru Antagonism

La'guita is a foxmoss Jalorda, and Keiki's eighth poke. She is not technically pledged to Keiki, but rather, is a legal patient of a rehabilitation centre at the Neuralchestnut's Healthcare Sanctuary of Mount Nucleon.

Laguita had a rough childhood as one of the many prisoners of a poke-smuggling syndicate of pirates. While she had no shortage of exposure to the exoticness of all sorts of uncharted islands, she was often mistreated by her captors. Her most traumatic experience was being sexually abused by a gang of magmars. The psychological scars of her time in slavery manifested into a depersonalization disorder, and she began to disconnect herself from reality. She was finally sold to a travelling circus, and taught various kinds of tricks and skills. There, she picked up a drug habit, and developed an oneirophrenia that lingers on to date, giving her an almost permanently dreamy disposition. She eventually escaped from the circus and was found stealing food in the outskirts of Nucleon City, captured by the pound, and sent to NHS for long-term treatment when the pound wardens found out about her disorders. When Keiki was based in Nucleon City for his research studies, he stumbled upon a call for adoption notification. In a neurotreatment facility, he met Laguita for the first time and eventually decided to adopt her temporarily as her rehabilitator trainer.

Laguita is a paraphiliac who seems to feel amorous towards all sorts of random things: trees, drainpipes, other pokes, human beings, males, females, etc. She can get herself coiled around an object of her fancy even before realizing it, and this includes Keiki and his team, which flusters them to no end (except Lohat). She is always in a dreamy state unless she goes into mood swings, and often speaks nonsensical things to herself and everything else, living and nonliving. Keiki's decision to adopt her was in part due to the heart-reading observations of Amethyst, who sensed that the Jalorda 'will play an important role in the reconstruction of a greener world'. Scartooth sometimes hits on her in a depreciating manner, which she remains cheery about. She also seems to enjoy teasing Mugen more than the rest, much to Flanwa's ill-contained unease. She also likes to frotteur around on purpose whenever Keiki is around girls, causing them to misunderstand him as a pokephile.

In combat, Laguita has as many tricks up her proverbial sleeves as she had exotic experiences in her youth, boasting a large plethora of grass magicks foreign to the region. Her combat style is a curiousity; in addition to inflicting all sorts of buffs and debuffs, she has an ability to reverse their effects; if an enemy screeches to downsize an ally's defense, she can reverse it into an upsize; likewise, if an ally swaggers and indirectly upsizes an enemy's attack, she can reverse it into a downsize instead. (Isshu-edition battlepedias call this the Perversion ability, a rare skill that only a few specific pokes can unlock in the Dreamworld; it is highly likely that Laguita's oneirophrenia causes her dreams to seep into her perceptions of reality, hence triggering this bizarre skill.) Mugen and Amethyst find this ability a fascinating variable to factor into their team combat dynamics. While Mugen actively encourages the gang to work hard to exploit its properties, much to Laguita's enjoyment, Amethyst is more reserved about it, wary of any unprecedented side-effects it may inflict (perhaps due to Laguita's ability to reverse the effects of her songs). Laguita's tactless personality conflicts with Flanwa's political correctedness, and in battle, Laguita's exhibitionistic desire to show off her skills outstrips any sort of moral reservations about pulling her punches. This causes Flanwa to misinterpret Laguita's childishness as megalomania.


Antiday: That's currently (almost) all I have for now. I'm working on another OC trainer and my crazy university examinations.

Til next time!
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