Crossing the country by car with a life size Simba

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By dapumakat
I started a photo project of taking a life size adult Simba plush made by Douglas Cuddle Toys all over the place and taking pictures of him and his adventures in his day to day life and travels. I made a website for Simba:, which I update almost everyday. Tomorrow I am leaving on a road trip from the western most point in the contiguous United States (Point Roberts, Washington, going all the way to Maine on the east coast (the planned route is around 12000 km round trip.) and I am taking Simba with me. I am sure it will be lots of fun and I will get lots of great pictures of Simba all over the U.S.A. Also in the fall I will be doing a road trip from the Netherlands to Morocco, as well as going to Eurofurence in Germany at the end of August, all with Simba.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas on things Simba should visit and have his photo taken next to. I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts and Simba is looking forward to having more followers :)

Simba's website (

You can also follow and be Simba's friend on Facebook Simba's facebook page>
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We checked out ur site and had lots of fun looking thru the photos, We're from WI and go to Madison quite a bit so seeing Simba hanging out there in the photos was just awesome lol. Were glad u & Simba enjoyed ur stay in Wisconsin :D
Congrats on all that traveling tho, it looks like u two r having a blast -DOLO&Electrik
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This is such an awesome idea! I'm loving the photos so far, and I've bookmarked the page. :)
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haha that's adorable!
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Definitely a fun idea! I do this with one of my Phanatic stuffed animals :D
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I'm looking forward to the pictures! :D