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I am flying to Hannover, Germany on August 11th, to visit some friends and spend a month visiting Europe. I managed to book my flight entirely using my frequent flyer points, which is pretty cool. I even get to travel in style, first class with Lufthansa. I never thought I would ever earn enough points for a first class flight to Europe, but they really add up over time. Yay!  

Hopefully I will find some new and interesting plushies while I am there too. They always have different cool stuff in Europe. Last time I was in Germany was in 2008, and I really enjoyed my time. I am really looking forward to visiting there again.
I never imagined people would be that interested in my Lion King  / plush collection. According to my stats from dA in the past four weeks since joining: dapumakat has 514 pageviews total and their 45 deviations were viewed 7,140 times, and were added to deviants' favourites 580 times.

Sometimes last night I received my 500th page view on my main page. ~VollendJatara-Jenny was the 500th person to view my main page.

I am glad there are still so many people out there who still love the Lion King as I do. Thanks you everyone for your interest and watches. What is here is just the tip of the ice berg. I will keep continuing to ad stuff.